What's a good smooshy leather brand?

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  1. I have several Bal's and love the chevre leather the most.....I dont want to break the bank -- any suggestions who makes soft leather bags ;)
  2. Read the Fossil Posts and see.... Won't break the bank. Great soft leather!!!
  3. Linea Pelle - Amazing leather!
  4. My Rebecca Minkoff mini mac feels just as soft as my Balenciagas.
  5. Boyy! The leather on their Slash bags is like silk. Its got that same slouchy/edgy quality that initially drew me to Balenciaga as well.

    Rebecca Minkoff leather isn't as good as it used to be - but occasionally there will be a color with incredible leather.

    The longchamp le pliage cuir line is really soft and lightweight and silky - and reasonably priced.

    M0851 leather (the classic leather) is also super smooshy and silky - as well as really lightweight.
  6. Secondhand Reed Krakoff bags are great - especially the Gym bags.
  7. My new Kooba Jonnie is very soft and was in a reasonable price range.
  8. :graucho: You all are enabling me....to branch out, thanks!!!
  9. Desmo.
  10. Leibeskind and MBMJ can be very soft.
    If you are willing to break the bank, Bottega Veneta is divine!
  11. I pretty much ONLY buy smooshy leather bags. These are some I've tried:

    Rebecca Minkoff
    Balenciaga (amazing leather)
    Mulberry (depending on which bag)
    Jerome Dreyfuss especially goat leather
    Alexander Wang
    I also once had a Zadiq and Voltaire that was pretty smoshy.
  12. Lucky Brand has a few with heavenly leather. I was truly amazed.
  13. YES! Not expensive, they hold up well through alot and if you tire of it, put it up on ebay and watch people bid like crazy over it. Lucky bags are very popular on ebay. Always many bidders.
  14. I did notice that too! I have a Lucky Brand Stash bag that a friend gifted me and she was raving about how it's the only purse she ever carries anymore. I've looked on ebay and considered getting another one in a different color and was surprised how popular they are on there!

    Unfortunately I think LB only makes the smaller crossbody version of that bag anymore and I like the bigger shoulder one. But there are plenty on ebay!

    The quality of the leather blows me away.
    Also, proof that you don't have to spend $1000 to get a good quality leather bag! That's such a myth...