What Would You Do: Patent Pigalle 70 only available in your true size or ONE size UP

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  1. would you stick with the one true to your, risk it, and hope they might become less tight with time?

    or do you exchange for a pair that is ONE SIZE LARGER than your true size...

    i have learned very sadly that even half a size can be all the difference and some of my shoes ended up gathering dust because they were either half a size too large or half a size too small.

    please help. i only have a few days to decide and exchange...
    so sorry to be so panicky about my pigalles... the madelines was such an easy process. the pigalles been difficult from the get go for me...

    thanks ladies in advance....!
  2. I'd stick with your true size. If they are comfy and fit you, wear the ones that fit, not ones that are larger.
  3. but aren't they suppose to be running a little small? so that we should go half a size up especially with patent pigalle and wide feet?
  4. Ooh that's what you mean. I thought you meant you had one pair already. Now I'm confused and really not sure. I don't know how they fit per se. I actually heard once to size down.
  5. sorry to be so confusing, but yes, i already have a pair in my true size 36 in patent. they are really snug though. and the knuckles of my toes are tight against the shoe box and hurt a bit.
  6. Oooh, okay. Then maybe go with one size larger. You can always stick in a pad or two. They should be more comfortable, but they will definitely be looser. If you do stick with your regular size, I'd suggest the sock trick which a lot of people here recommend, or bring them to your shoe cobbler to see if they can stretch the shoes a bit.
  7. this is my first ever pigalle so i have nothing to compare these with. i am not sure if i should stick to this current size (my normal size), hope for the best, and risk not being able to wear them if they remain tight. or, take my chances with 1 size larger, put up with paddings, and hope my feet aren't going to spill out the sides or slip out the back.
  8. I will take your chances, get one size bigger for the patent pigalle and put paddings on :P
  9. do you think there is a chance that they might become too loose even with padding? (i size larger that is)

  10. I am a perfect 38, but for the pigalles (and all high heeled Loubs with small toe area) I 'd get a 39. If they turn out a little loose, you can always add heel grips, and a little padding. If they are too small you 'll never wear them!
  11. true.

    i was secretly hoping that the tightness is normal for pointy heels, and not because they are a little to small for me....

    it will cost me almost $100 in postage to replace these to a 37....

    well. what to do.

  12. There isn't a way to stretch patent? I was hoping the sock trick would work :thinking:
  13. The sock trick does work. I took the advice from fellow tpfers and tried it on my yoyos. The only pair of CLs in my collection which i had not worn once since I got them cos I couldn't even make it out of the front door. They hurt so bad... But after the sock trick, they were fine!!
  14. #14 Aug 11, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2008
    i was just on my way to the post office to return the 36 and exchange them for a 37. so i thought i walk around in them again for a bit. and my left foot almost slipped out on the heel!! so i thought i better not try the 37. if this happened with something that i thought was too snug, i can just image with something that is 1 size larger....

    i did have heel slippage problem with my first pair of ferragamo shoes which were tight around the toes. that was also my ever last pair of ferragamo....

    so it got me thinking that maybe there is something about that part of my feet... since everyone kept saying that it all depends on the shape of our feet...

    so based on the observations above and based on mscawaii's experience with her normal (non CL) size patent pigalle 70 in a hot and humid climate - which seemed to have expanded on her (the heels were slipping after much wear if i remember correctly, despite the fact that her feet swell a bit) - i decided that in this case, i might need to stick to my 36.

    i thought i share this just in case some else out there is pondering the same issue. seems like for certain kinds of feet, your non-CL size can work for the pigalle 70, even in patent.

    let's hope my experiment works out in the end. will surely update you in a few months time.

    thanks for all your patience.
  15. my pigalle 70s are on my true size. i didn't need to size up.