What Would You Do: Patent Pigalle 70 only available in your true size or ONE size UP

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  1. ah that is good to know. isn't if fascinating how the pigalle ranged between 0.5 size smaller to 1 size larger to fit nicely for a variety of feet?

    i was thinking this morning that some of CL shoes reminds me of the old fashion opera gloves. women in those days used to buy smaller size gloves and squeeze themselves into them, so much so that they can't open their hands and they were always in some kind of half-clutching position. this way, when the leather of the gloves stretch a bit with wear, they fit like a second skin.... "fit like a glove"....
  2. OMG! Is that wear that term originated? Good to know
  3. well. here i am back from picking up my pink python pigalle 70 size 36.5 (my usual size is 36). i have to report that the 1 size up option for the pigalle 70, even for wide footed woman like me, i think, will be too loose. and even if it is in patent. you *will* have to add paddings and what not. in which case, it will become snug, and you will have to endure the pain of stretching anyway.

    but i am sure there are exceptions depending on the shape of your feet.