What would you do? Advice plz

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  1. So I put one of my Prada bags up for auction, it sells, I get the $ and send the bag off. Seller sends email stating how fast the package arrived but that she was disappointed in the condition of the bag and how the waterspots were described. I attached a lot of pics and believed I posted enough info about the waterspots but I guess she wasn't satisfied. At any rate, I also posted no returns as I needed the $ and that all sales were final. She offered to pay for the return of the bag but would do you think is the best route? I don't want negative feedback but I REALLY needed that $!!!

    I never take back any merchandise I sell so I'm wondering if this should be an exception and just charge fees and restocking fee or just flat out say no returns. Any help would be greatly appreciated..thanks! :sad:
  2. Its a difficult one but if you stated the spots were there and showed pics you didnt misdescribe. Its up tp you, have you pointed out your no returns policy to her?
  3. yeah watch out...it also could be a bait and switch thing...
  4. I'd hold firm, remove $$ from paypal and tell her sorry but because I did describe all flaws and I'm not a department store, I cannot accept returns.
    If you really need the funds and aren't worried about the negative fb.
    I'm sick to death of the remorse buyers! It seems to be happening an awful lot lately. When I'm a buyer, have READ the auctions and am still dis-satisfied, I act like a big girl and keep it. It's not the sellers fault. grrrrr
  5. Thanks for all the responses. Well I responded to her and advised her that sorry, no returns accepted. That's why I attached pics of the water spots and advised buyers not to hesitate to email me with any additional pic requests. The pics were very clear of the condition of the bag. Why why do I continue to sell on ebay when I get burned all the time???

    Don't people read the "ALL SALES FINAL" portion of the auction??!!!!!
  6. Hi

    You get your selling fees back if you file an unpaid item dispute & listing fees back if you re sell it but you dont have to refund auction items only Buy It Nows
  7. I believe eBay is about to have a new policy regarding feedbacks, I got an email few weeks ago but deleted it :sad: I think they will now consider removing negative feedbacks under some circumstances. If this buyer leaves you nf you may qualify to have it removed (send a question to eBay customer service, they should email you more info or a link to it). I'm a seller too and the fear of nf was the worst... I also have No Refund policy (unless mistake / misrepresentation in the auction etc. which would never happen as I post detailed descriptions and lots of pictures) but on two occasions I did accept a return - simply because I didn't want to ruin my 100% positive feedback :sad: Hopefully eBay will resolve this situation soon. And maybe your buyer won't leave you nf in fear of you leaving nf for her... Better luck next time :smile:
  8. TBH it's impossible to make a judgement without seeing the auction and the bag.....
  9. I believe this is what you are referring to;

    Feedback Protections
    Also in January we committed to a plan that will restore the original intent of the Feedback system — to facilitate trust between buyers and sellers. Since announcing our plans, effective in May, it has become clear through conversations with many of you that eBay needs to do even more to protect sellers from dishonest buyers who use the Feedback system as a weapon. To make it perfectly clear, let me say that there is no place on eBay for anyone who abuses our community, flouts our marketplace policies and willfully harms other members.
    As a result of our conversations with many of you, we are adding two Feedback policy changes to be rolled out in May to better protect sellers from this kind of behavior. First, while threatening to use negative Feedback to force an unfair deal is both extremely rare and grounds for permanent buyer suspension, we recognize it has happened in the past and will be tried in the future. If you experience this sort of behavior, please report this to eBay by using Contact Us from this page.
    When we identify a pattern of abuse, or the evidence is clear from your report, we will remove the negative or neutral feedback — retroactively. But, we can't identify those patterns without your help and reporting. This is a call to action for every seller. Second, we have listened to your thoughts on Unpaid Item (UPI) reports and our decision to remove negative or neutral Feedback from a buyer who fails to respond to a UPI. And what has become clear from our conversations is that we need to build in more flexibility for what happens when a buyer responds to a UPI report. What we have determined is that if the buyer does not specifically call out poor seller performance, item condition or transaction problems during the UPI process, eBay will remove the seller's negative or neutral feedback — retroactively.

    I hope this works out for you.
  10. Good that ebay now take it into consideration.
    However, I NEVER understand ebay and paypal. Ebay have the option for us seller to post our return policy. Even where we choose "no return" as an option, but why paypal won't honor that? They make us accept return no matter what...

    Op, keep the fund and be firm.
  11. I think many, many people don't read the terms, especially if the seller goes on and on posting every possible, conceivable situation. I know I tend to glaze over when I see those kind of auctions but I would never expect someone to take something back if it said no returns I would respect that. But if you don't take a return (and I think you are perfectly reasonable not to), expect a negative FB. It is sad because you were honest but that is the bottom line.
  12. Ok, here are some pics. You be the judge and tell me honestly if these pics show the water spots clearly. :confused1:
    tpfsaleitems 035.jpg tpfsaleitems 036.jpg tpfsaleitems 034.jpg
  13. Your pictures show the spots well enough plus I understand you described them in the auction too.
    If they weren't clear enough for her she should have asked for additional ones.
    Besides, to be honest, it's always hard to show things like that in the pictures. We (sellers), or at least most of us, are not professional photographers, come on! I did invest in special photo tents and lamps and have a 7Mpix camera and still don't get results as good as I'd like to. Plus people have different laptops and even the same picture on different computers may look different (lighter/darker colors and shadows)...
    As far as I'm concerned you did everything right and it was her risk to buy the bag.
    It's always a risk when buying pre-owned stuff online and if someone is not willing to take it then they shouldn't buy at all.
    Hope she didn't leave you nf after all and good luck next time!
  14. Hang in there. I don't know who would have the stronger side should it come to a PayPal dispute, but you did your absolute best and that's all anyone can ever do.

    Maybe it's just buyer's remorse? Who knows with these people. Don't cave just yet.
  15. Well what can happen in a pp dispute? Never had to deal w/ one before. She said in all her experience w/ ebay, she's never ever asked to return a bag before but she was THAT disappointed w/the bag...geesh! The bag is in great condition w/ the exception of the spots! She suggested sending a second chance offer to the next highest bidder but I already did that and they declined. I might just offer her 25% back but that's the best I can do. I'm trying to be helpful and courteous here but I can only go so far.