What Would Be a Good Get Well Present from LV?

  1. Ok so my mom is getting pretty rough surgery tomorrow morning, and since I'm at college I can't be there with her. She's having a D & C which I've heard is really painful, and I just want to get her something really nice so she knows I'm thinking of her and how much I love her :heart:. I don't own any LV myself (poor college student), and the only thing I've ever purchased from them was a monogram credit card holder for my mom for Christmas.

    Anyway to shorten this, I was wondering if you ladies could suggest a small gift from LV (since she really liked her last present from them) that you would maybe like from your daughter. Unfortunately she never uses bags and hates spending money on things that don't have a practical value and are only aesthetic (like a keychain), so I'm kind of at a loss. Any suggestions would be really, really appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. Sorry to hear about ur mum .The get well present i suggest is Cles in Pomme
  3. darn, i typed a nice reply and it didn't post.

    Anyways, i said that maybe she doesn't really want anything $$ and get her amazing flowers?? If not, and you want to get her LV either red vernis or damier azur is sure to cheer her up.
  4. How about a nice vernis accessory?
  5. How about a bandeau?
  6. MC Speedy

    haha, go all out. :p
  7. I think the WAPITY would be small and simple, and you put a little note in there .
    When she gets home she can make sure her medication is in there...and your note...or whatever....hmmm..a handbag for the house.

    good vibes to your Mom.
    She might also like the flowers, or a nice handcream.
  8. I'm sorry to hear about your mum, I'm sure she'll be fine!!I would get her smth in Vernis Pomme:confused1: Maybe cles, it's 200$
  9. What about a Pomme Cles!! Or a Wapity or Bandeau. They are so cute!
  10. Wapity, Cles, Pochette, or Inclusion bracelet. Hope your mom recovers quickly!
  11. All the best to your mom, and best wishes on a speedy recovery - I have to agree with the earlier posts, I think a Vernis accesory or one of the bandeau or scarves, Moko007 has a lovely suggestion with the Pomme Cles in Vernis -- anyway you certainly are getting steered in the right direction :smile: good thoughts to you and your Mom through this.
  12. Cles would be nice....inexpensive, and definitely a necessity!
  13. Aww... I wish your mom the best of luck tomorrow! :love:

    I think the Pomme Cles would be a GREAT mother's day gift!
  14. She's going to love the beautiful orchids, most of all because they came from her loving daughter. Wishing her a speedy recovery! :flowers: