WHAT WAS YOUR LAST DIOR PURCHASE? *post photos of your beauties here*


30th anniversary cuff
Aug 31, 2008
Finally found the vintage Dior that I was looking for a while : the Street Chic by John Galliano he is even more beautiful that I expected, I love this baby View attachment 5044750 View attachment 5044751 View attachment 5044752 View attachment 5044753
I love this bag back when it was released. In full leather it was 1100 usd. you look fabulous with it!

I bought three pieces of RTW (the top that Dior calls a jacket on the left is being tailored), black culotte type pants and a palm skirt with an elastic waistband. Plus the palm skirt, worn inside out (the palms become a tone on tone blue). on another trip, I bought some pre fall a leopard jacket, a tie dye jacket and sweatpants. (they run large)
98B233BA-915D-4034-B281-39B389420D27.jpeg 96CC1510-25CD-42D1-A129-9EF13602C26E.jpeg D6B2AEDB-291E-468E-BD3B-6A15B92AF776.jpeg 9055805E-ED60-44C2-B11E-D2F33580A879.jpeg A44BD30A-7A86-4EAA-8A58-59B3E554C072.jpeg 1BDF2935-D073-4C76-848C-6BE6BA61CF58.jpeg

I like some of the lady Dior cloth print bags, but does anyone else find them really heavy or is it just me?
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