WHAT WAS YOUR LAST DIOR PURCHASE? *post photos of your beauties here*

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  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen :heart: since I joined TPF since 2013, I've always wanted to create a thread like this for Dior but never did. Excitingly, I've noticed a lot of Dior reveals and posts lately on our sub-forum and Dior seems to have become more and more popular :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: So what are you waiting for ladies and gentlemen, show us some eye-candy photos!!!! :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
  2. I would like to go first and show off my (very boring:lol:) lastest Dior purchase. I am absolutely addicted to the classic Lady Dior in lamb so it is very hard not to get the absolute classic model. May U present the Lady Dior in black lamb with GHW, next to her sister in lotus pink with CHW. I have to thank my wonderful SA and the team in Heathrow T5 for their patience and absolute spot on customer service (pm me for my SA contact if anyone wants it :tup:)

    While I was in the boutique, I also noticed that Dior has changed the design of the classic Lady Dior. The newer model seems to be a tiny bit taller and the opening a bit wider. Does anyone also notice this?

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  3. It is beautiful, and so classic! Congratulations!

    I gotta check out the new models of the structured lambskin Lady Dior to see this variation in height and opening that you noticed. I'm wondering if it's just because of variations from being hand-made.
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  4. Yes please do! The SA brought 5 bags out for me to pick the one I liked best and I noticed the difference. Unfortunately forgot to take some photos as I was rushing to catch my flight :sad:
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  5. @shoesshoeshoes Congrats on the new lovelies. I am happy you found what you like :smile: May you wear them in good health!
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  6. Over the weekend.. my first Dior bag! I can't bear to unbox it though !!

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  7. Trust me I know the feeling :sad: but still so excited so see what you got!!!! :nuts:
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  8. Ooo! I wonder what is inside!
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  9. Open, open, OPEN PLEASE :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::tup:
  10. This is from Hermes sub-forum and although it was more for people starting a thread, I think it applies here. https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/reveal-etiquette.946809/
    Sorry I don't mean to be harsh :sad:
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  11. I read some of the comments on that thread and I nearly died laughing. Purse addicts are seriously an articulate and witty bunch. Here's my favorite; IMG_4541.PNG
  12. It's ok I understand! I swear I wanna open it too (I keep telling myself I'll open it "today") but I'm so OCD about it like I'm waiting for the perfect moment or sth! I'll post ASAP
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  13. I hope you unbox for your own sake and not the thread. I want you to enjoy it.

    When I got my first Dior I was too scared to use it because of the light color and value of it. I would pet it late at night and dress it up with Mitzahs. One day I got the guts to carry it. That day I was caring for my son and took him to swim class after work. I have a young son and have to shower him after his swim class. We have to use a small shower closet because he can not go into the women's locker room and I can not be in the little boys changing room. Of course the shower head went crazy and sprayed me and him erratically. My brand new Lady got spray a bit too. I freaked out but wipe her off quickly. All was well. She survived and I learned that bags no matter how seemingly delicate or expensive should be used and integrated into your life.

    I hope the story did not scare you, that is not my intention.
  14. thanks for sharing this story :smile: just curious, what was your first dior bag?

    I usually baby something that's new for the first month, (but I enjoy it! :P) and then I will start to use it without worry.

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  15. Here it is!! The Color looks different irl, I'll try and take more photos in daylight :smile: I also took an unboxing video so If there's time I'll share that too! This is the Diorama in powder pink, many thanks to everyone here who gave me advice on which bag to pick!!! I also had a really awesome SA

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