What was your first visit to a LV boutique like?

  1. My first time going to a LV boutique was in Copenhagen in January 2002. I had never been in one before, and was a little nervous about it. It was a Monday morning, and I got there like 15 minutes before the store opened. It was a little crowd gathered outside the store and I really didn't get what the big fuzz was about as I wasn't that into LV at the time. I had to wait in line to go in to the store, and when I was let in I asked the SA that helped me about it. It turned out that the Mono Pochette was very popular in Copenhagen at the time, they had long waitlists for it and on that day the got their first shipment of Pochettes since early December and I guess the girls were eager to spend the money they got for Christmas. Anyway, I got a Monogram Musette Salsa and it was a pretty pleasent experience.
  2. I only remember it was afternoon at LV The Rocks, Sydney with my Dad. Was some time after 2000 Sydney Olympic. Thats all.
  3. 5th Avenue store. Not happy.
  4. My first visit to LV was in NYC, 5th avenue. It was our 10 year anniversary in 1995. We had so much fun and my husband was a sweetie and said "get anything you want" when we walked in. I was overwhelmed because I knew nothing about LV! I ended up getting the poppincourt haut. Since then I have become much more educated on LV. But I remember that experience was awesome, I had a very sweet asian SA and she was a doll. I remember calling my mother from the store and saying "guess where I am???!!!"
  5. i cant remember what year i went to or what store, but it was very nice!
  6. Mine was when the MC line had just come out and I knew nothing about LV at the time. I wanted to inquire about their MC bags but they SA was extremely snotty and suggested I spend my money somewhere else. It was a HORRIBLE experience. I never went back to that store again.

    BTW, it was the LV in the King of Prussia Mall outside of Phila. Yuck!
  7. Mine was at Saks LV on Michigan Ave in Chicago. I had just bought a Burberry when hubby said "Let's drive to Chicago and go to LV". The SAs were so sweet since it was my "first" LV!
  8. The LV boutique at the Mall at Millennia sometime in 2005. I went in to look at the damier papillon 26, then went back a week later and bought it :smile:
  9. I went to the Copenhagen store. It was so crowded.. there were lines forming. I didn't stay too long.
  10. my first LV purchase was from the Toronto store and i was served by the sweetest SA called Eleanor. I remember every detail because it was my 18th birthday and my dad took me. i got a purse from the line with the cherries on and a set of brown and gold hair cubes. and i fell in love with LV!
  11. I was visiting my sister when we decided to go to the mall. I had my LV with a missing zipper pull with me so we went to the LV store to see about getting a new pull. I hadn't planned to drop the bag off for repair and carried a paper LV bag the rest of the day as a purse!
  12. My 1st at LV Sheraton Hotel, Surabaya,East Java, Indonesia. Hahaha i guess around august 2003:confused1: Almost forgot! When i was 16 for sure. Random purpose that my mom had:rolleyes: She bought me black epi pochette. Quite formal male SA. And live without LV for 3 years up to last october:roflmfao: can't believe i did that,hahaha
  13. My first LV visit was to a small LV counter, which was part of the Marshall Fieldls dept. store, in Columbus, OH. My ex-bf bought me a Mocha Epi Nocturne. I love that bag to death. :tender:
  14. My first visit was Valentine's Day Weekend 2005 in NYC on Fifth Avenue. It was also the day after the end of Fashion Week on a Saturday and they were shooting an episode of a TV show around the corner. Also, that display at Central Park (can't remember the name right now but it had all the orange things around it) was showing. Needless to say, it was packed. I walked in bought two items and then went upstairs to drop off a bag to be repaired. Then Alec Baldwin walked off the elevator. My four kids (ages 6-14) died. they were within five feet of him and they thought that was really cool.
  15. my first time was when mc just came out, and i just went in to look at the turquoise theda on rodeo drive. i was 11, and my mom had to rip me away from that lovely display case so we could go on about our day. i would have stayed there forever :smile: