What wallet are you Chanel ladies using?

  1. Is it also Chanel?

    Mine is a beat-up little teal wallet I bought from Coach a couple years ago... I think I may need to ask for a Chanel wallet for Valentine's Day! :idea:
  2. I am using a black epi Louis Vuitton wallet, it is very durable!
  3. Black Caviar with lamb inside
  4. Love it VipStyle!
  5. I've got a bronze PNY change purse. It is not as long as the zip around, and has nice compartments to keep things organized.
  6. Chanel card holder - not exactly a wallet but I love how compact it is
    in the bag.jpg
  7. My Ferragamo wallet my DBF got me this past year
  8. Thanks South:heart:

    I love to see what wallets people carry..Good thread:p
  9. Mine is a black leather checkbook style Coach signature wallet. The leather is super thick and it holds a lot. I really wanted a Chanel wallet but cannot justify spending that much money for a wallet. Maybe someday...
  10. VIP, I love your style and wallet. Can you tell me what style and how much? I am in the market for a wallet and yours is beautiful!
    PS thanks again for those great pics on the other thread.
  11. You've probably seen mine, but it's a Paris New York long wallet:
    DSCF2072.jpg DSCF2067.jpg DSCF2074.jpg
  12. Vip, I have the exact same one!

    Right now I am using my LV groom wallet. For winter I like a wallet that I don't have to worry about too much - with the LV I can just grab it and go if I want to use it without a bag.
  13. a brown Chloe paddington long wallet. It fits TONS (but I can only use it in the larger Chanel bags)
  14. I'm currently using my LV damier azur koala, but my chanel of choice is the small white on black cambon wallet.. I'm not sure of its official name :shame: