What to tell your boss to get 2 weeks off for surgery?

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  1. I've been posting for a while and read literally *everything on this forum, but no one has mentioned this topic so I'd like to consult you:

    For those who has successfully managed/planning to get a medical holiday in Korea for 1-2 weeks and is in full-time employment, what did you tell your boss/planning to tell your boss to get full 2 weeks off or more?

    It's awkward because I cant tell them that I want to change my face but it's also very suspicious/appears to be lazy to take such long holiday - what should I do? I have been waiting for forever for a plastic surgery and can never get the chance to take such long holiday so any help appreciated xx
  2. I told my boss i am planning to take leave for my plastic surgery. Previously i went to hatyai for the plastic surgery and all my colleagues knew it because eventually they will realize it. Or maybe just tell your boss that you need a long vacation.
  3. I told my boss I go on a vacation. Now I am afraid they find out when I get back. If they know I change my nose they might think I have self esteem issue or something...
  4. Cross your fingers :smile: but for me i am more worried how should i tell my parents. But i still hv 2 yrs to save up so i will find a reason by then.
  5. Mai, I saw your website, you look pretty already.
  6. Should I tell them I felt on my face....
    The baby kicked me in the nose....
    Or ....???????
    Or I just had minor procedure done to my nose to improve my breathing....

  7. The last one sound good. I am planning on an accident happen in korea so the doctors refix my face. Even though it sounds ridiculous but my parents probably gonna have a fit if i told them i am going to korea for plastic surgery.
  8. When I had my rhinoplasty, I simply said I needed to take two weeks off work to correct a deviated septum.:smile:
  9. That's actually a great reason Emporio! Dallas101, I think you should use this reason too, something medical-related sounds much more persuasive, because after 2 weeks I think your nose tip would still be swollen a bit so it won't be very easy to tell that you had the procedure, don't worry.

    I am planning to tell my boss that I will need to take out two/four of my wisdom teeths because it's crowding out other teeth. The reason is because even after 2 weeks I might still need to go on liquid diet for an extra week and others will notice the liquid diet, so it's best to say it's something to do with your mouth. Also, people who removed their wisdom teeth also see an improvement in their jaw/facial line so it wont be too far off.

    I think it depends on whether your parents see you often? I live overseas and my parents live at home so I can tell them I loss a massive amount of weight after the removal of the wisdom teeth due to liquid diet. But if they see you often then you can say you went skiing in korea or something and had an accident there...

    It's really hard to explain and I don't understand how sometimes people judge us just because of plastic surgery. It's a legit wants to improve yourself, just like improving any skills or any other aspect of you!
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    Dallas101, sadly the picture was photoshopped heavily >< It was taken in a professional portrait studio for my teaching jobs by my previous employer and somehow they decided if I look better on picture it will increase my chances of being hired on an ad-hoc basis by the schools, hence they asked the editor to photoshop it by a lot. I look far off that in real life but it's the kind of baby-face I want also, so I will suggest that to my surgeon

    . X
  11. I guess it depends on what kind of surgery you're getting. I'm hoping to take 4 weeks off around September to get a v-line procedure done. Luckily, I have the kind of job where I'm entitled to leave if I have enough accrued hours, so I don't have to justify it beforehand. However, when I return, if I'm still swollen, I've come up with a few possible excuses for pesky people who might ask questions:

    - tonsil infection and/or tonsil surgery
    - orthognathic surgery to correct bite (I actually only recently had lingual braces removed, so this isn't far-fetched for me)
    - other oral / dental surgery
    - idiopathic allergic reaction. Actually, this would probably be a good excuse for swelling around the eyes and nose, too

    And if anyone comments that my face or cheeks look smaller post-surgery, I'm going to say, "Thanks! I've been dieting and working out."
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  12. That's very interesting and legit reasons. Interesting thing is "orthognathic surgery" is the scientific name for 2 jaw surgery, so I guess those who planned to do 2-jaws can use this academic name to make it sounds better and more dental/medical-related.

    I think 4 weeks is definitely way more sufficient for V line, unless you need to do cheekbone/nose/chin also. My friends who did V line had most of their swelling gone in 1 week and in 2 weeks they can return to normal diet.

    I have 25 days of leave for my job but since I work in a small team, the workload gets really busy once someone takes holiday so I feel bad to take a leave purely for cosmetic reasons. I think medical-related sounds more legit and your suggestions are very valuable!
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    You are so cute!!! I would say you don't need any plastic surgery at all. But if you insist to enhance your feature, then a little work on your eyes will be enough. Anyway, it's just my opinion. Hope you don't find it annoyance. ^_^
  14. I think it depends on your relationship with your boss. Do you have to tell them the reason why you are taking leave? If the relationship is a bit more casual then I don't see why being honest would be a problem unless it will jeopardize your job . You shouldn't care what people think!
  15. What about you have a accident
    Your friend´s dog eat your nose xD
    And now you need to do PS
    Hahaha jk