What to do with bags that sit in the closet?

  1. Some of us may have purchased bags impulsively and they end up sitting in the closet. I made a huge sacrifice by selling 2 of my lv bags to a friend since they havent seen the light of day. Its a huge load off my chest. I feel guilty spending huge amount of $$$ on stuff that I dont use at all. Does anyone feel this way?
  2. Yep, and I've sold all the bags I didn't use!! Just have one more to let go of!!
  3. Sell or trade them and get something you love or just keep the money, lol.
  4. yep...the guilt of what is sitting in dustbags in the top of my closet is starting to get to me...well, not guilt exactly, but I always am lusting after something new so I really should liquidate some of the poor souls who never get to see the light of day...
  5. I don't feel guilty because they are there. But I do want to get rid of them so I can make room for the new purchases.

    I've yet to sell a bag though.
  6. If I don't use it, I sell it. I use all of my LV's bags though on regular rotation so I've never had to sell any of my LV's :p
  7. I put myself on a schedule so that way I use all my bags. Before this schedule I found myself rotating between the same few bags. Now I am trying to not repeat until I have used all 24 of my bags.

    Mon & Wed - I use Gucci
    Tues & Thurs - I use Coach
    Fri, Sat & Sun - I use LV :yahoo:

    Unless I am going somewhere special.

    Today, was the first time I did not change my purse since I rushed out to take my dog to the vet this morning. Changing my purse was not a high priority so I am using the same Gucci as yesterday.
  8. yes me so guilty...I am going to try to rotate them...I have favorites so it makes it hard...sometimes I model them in the mirror then put them in their dust cover just to get them out of the closet once in a while...no more bags for me..lol
  9. Yes this is why I change bags almost daily to keep all in rotation!! If they are not getting used, out they go!
  10. brillant idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:tup::idea::tup:
  11. Now that is a great idea. I have 5 designers to rotate from.
  12. I don't ever feel guilty. I just sell what I don't use. I've sold 30 bags in the past year on eBay so I can buy new ones. I have 15 more to sell but I'm waiting for eBay to pick up. I love selling in order to make money for new ones!
  13. Great Idea! Purse Schedule.

  14. Ah , I still havent used some bags. I love them but I am scared to use them, so silly I know.
  15. I have sold many of my LV collection. I have kept a few permanent collection and all of the Limited item LVs.