What to do, what to do.....PLEASE need some advice!

  1. I can't believe I'm even putting this in writing.....I'm an all about fate girl! I believe all things happen for a reason....

    Well, once upon a time, there was a girl with a dream.....to get her first Hermes bag. With time, it happened. The most beautiful KELLY 35 Black Vache Liegee w/gold hardware ! It is amazing, the moment I saw it my heart melted and I was like a kid in a candy store.

    Fast forward a while....this beauty still makes my heart melt....but I've found, that I just don't use her. I've maybe used this beauty a total of 4 or 5 times TOPS. I feel it is just the most amazing bag I've seen but I feel it is too dressy for me. I'm a complete casual jean, sweaters, tees kinda girl. I also have a almost 5 year old little boy, so many times I'm carrying a casual bag (LV Piano) that I can throw around and not worry about gummy bears, cracker crumbs, water bottles, etc. laying around it. There have been the very few rare occasions I get to use her and I LOVE HER, She makes me smile even when I have to move her to reach for one of my other bags......

    Here is my problem.
    .....do I let this lovely beauty go and get something I think will be more fitting to my lifestyle--togo/clemence in maybe blk w/ph, graphite w/ph, orange w/ph, rouge h w/ph.....OR do I keep this amazing bag and try harder to work her into my lifestyle? (any advice here to work a dressier bag into a casual lifestyle would also be welcomed)

    I'm comin' to my H sisters for advice......I'm a Libra so I'm naturally inclined to be indecisive! I've also attached a pic of my 1st H baby!

    HELP!!! :heart:
  2. Georgous bag!!! I would keep it since it's a classic...;)
    Try to wear it in a more casual way and in some years you will be glad to have such a nice bag!
  3. I'm probably the wrong person to answer this for you (since I really have no sentimental attachment to anything) but I would sell it and buy the bag that you grab for every day. I've been in the same position and if the bag sits and doesn't really serve your purpose, then it is time to move on. I know it is hard, but just think about the joy that your Kelly will bring to someone else while you are getting the bag of your dreams. :flowers:
  4. IMO, if you're not carrying her, sell her to someone who'll love her and carry her constantly, and use that money to buy a practical bag that you'll carry all the time! :heart:
  5. Marie2008: Yes, I think that too....in time I will be glad to have her.....

    Ninja and Razor: I do feel like there is someone who will really really adore her and is probably more chic than me and will USE her! But then with the amazing deal I got her for....I wonder if I'd be an idiot to let her go!
  6. Maybe try and work with her a bit. I also have a 35cm VL Kelly and saved her for best for a while, then I got a job, 2 days a week so she became my work bag - a feminine briefcase. This meant she got used a lot more and after a while, she got a bit softer, some slight corner wear, out in the rain sometimes etc, and I relaxed a lot more. I also now use her more for casual wear too now that I have a new Birkin which has displaced my Kelly as 'my new best bag'. I also use the strap and let it dangle when I use the handle, so it looks quite casual and I'm hoping to get a canvas strap at some point to be able to wear her messenger style. I also discovered just last week a new way to wear her - I close the straps over the turn key and then tuck the flap in - it stays put but means you have instant access to the bag without any fiddling. I don't know how it stays shut, it just does but you need to have both straps over the turn key. I dangled my hippo off it the other day and it looked cute. The only drawaback is it shows the Hermes stamp, which I don't mind, most people where I live have never heard of Hermes. I can't wait for me to get over the newness of my Birkin so I can relax and throw it abut a bit. It's come to work and on the train to London with me (and London tube) so I'm getting there, lol.

    Here are some pics showing my Kelly with the flap tucked in, try it, it works beautifully for me.


    kellytuckedin1.jpg kellytuckedin2.jpg
  7. E- Being the sentimental pack rat that I am- my first inclination would be to keep her and work it baby- work it baby:upsidedown: in your wardrobe however, I can also relate to having a bag and never using it. My vote is to give it another chance looking at it from a different perspective; that being in a more casual way and see if that suits you. If you are still not comfortable then that probably means selling her to a new mommy. Good luck:heart:
  8. WOW, you Kelly is amazing!!! I love it! And I love how you've tucked the flap in.....it seems so relaxed to me! I do wonder if I just use her more....she will get a little more "loved" and I will feel more comfortable using my best bag, even if I'm not wearing my best.....or even make-up for that matter :p

  9. Since your Kelly is a retourné, I don't think it's as dressy as a sellier. Somewhere on tpf, there's a picture of Renée Zellweger with a croc Kelly and she's wearing jeans and a sweater! You could always order a canvas strap to sling it across like a messenger bag, or a breloque charm to extend the leather strap it comes with. And VL is one of the most durable leather, so no worries about knocking it around.
  10. amamxr: thanks sweetie! I do wonder if I haven't given her a fair chance!
  11. Evekitti: Ohhhh, canvas strap...good idea! Do you know, do I just head to a boutique and order one???
  12. What a beautiful Kelly!

    No question, I'd keep it. Your bag is timeless. It may not be a perfect "momming around" bag, or a perfect bag for right now, but it can certainly be put to good use as either a dressy bag *or* an upscale casual bag. AAN has made some great suggestions about a possible work bag (remember that our needs change over time - the bag may not be ideal today, but 5 year olds grow up quickly!!). I agree that the dangling strap, or wearing it semi-closed, will change things up and lend it a more casual air - especially since it is retourne, and not sellier (which would be naturally more formal/structured).

    p.s. AAN - lovely!!
  13. Piaffe: Thanks sweetie for your help! Yes, little one's do grow up so fast!! I do know in the back of my head....if I sell her I will regret it. And on the flip side I feel guilty of her just sitting there!

    PS: I've been loving your action shots...you are one hot momma to be :cutesy:
  14. Yup, you can order one at a boutique. It may take a few months though. www.luxury-shops.com has a few right now, but I don't think they have it in black VL.
  15. Don't feel guilty! A Kelly is forever. You'll have plenty of chances to carry her when your baby grows up!