What to do about a defective bag?

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  1. Let's say someone buys a bag, sight unseen, based on the fact that it's Hermes. Quality control will undoubtedly catch problems, so it's safe, right?

    Wrong. The bag arrives, charged directly from an H boutique in far north Alaska, shipped to and picked up from a boutique in far south Alaska. Sales receipt shows the selling boutique as far north Alaska. South Alaska is merely a conduit.

    Within 3 days of purchase, the buyer notices that there's a large gap in the stitching at the upper edge (approx. 2-3 stitches) Bag goes back for far south Alaska immediately, where SA and SM say that the stitch isn't popped. The bag wasn't stitched in this area when it left the atelier. Bag is sent to far west Alaska to be unstitched and restitched. It comes back 6 weeks later, looking like c**p on a plate. Far south Alaska store did this as a favor, and is now stuck with far north Alaska's problem through no fault of their own.

    Buyer is very, very unhappy. The restitch job looks dirty and the area looks pretty glaringly obvious.

    What can this buyer do? It's been 6 weeks since it's been purchased. Since it's defective, can it be returned, at least for a credit?

    How is the best way to handle this mess?

  2. They may be reluctant to take it back, claiming it's something that can be rectified, so you can always annoy them until they agree to take it back.

    I've found that bothering consistently about a defect (whether it's a car, bag, dress etc) wears them out so much they eventually agree to a return.
  3. I've developed mad skills at being annoying over the years. I really hate to resort to that, when I want these guys to get me a Birkin, and it wasn't even their bag to start with.

    I'm thinking all manner of ugly words right about now.
  4. Return for a mint example. But pronto ;)!
    There is no way in Hell that you should accept anything that is not 'beyond perfect' from Hermes. We're talking a couple grand, remember? It's not your problem which store is stuck with the load, your problem is that you don't have a bag. Return and they have to give you a new one for the same price.
  5. You are entitled to expect perfection in a bag like that. The house of Hermès prides itself of its craftmanship, and there is no way a customer could accept second-rate repair work. They should definitely return the faulty bag and get you a new one - just a shame this means further waiting for you!
  6. What if they can't? I bought the only example of this bag in this color/leather combo in the US. There's no equivalent replacement. In your experience, are they likely to at least give me a store credit toward either another little warrior in a different color/leather combo or a different bag entirely?

    I really loved my turquoise baby. :crybaby: I hate it that the repair looks awful.
  7. They should order you one from Paris. If it arrives next year after the price increase, you should not pay extra.
    Store credit is the very least, the absolut minimum that you should get. Heck, you paid big bucks for a luxury item and they give you cr*p. No way should you accept that bag. No way.
    Make them order you another one from Paris.
    Their internal store politics are not your problem.
    Make a big stink.
  8. Never thought of that...

  9. Btw have you talked directly with the north Alaska store at all, to let them know how "deeply unhappy" you're feeling?

    My stores/restaurants/service providers know that my politely expressed feelings of "deep unhappiness" are usually a prelude to something far nastier about to erupt if nothing's done.
  10. I am so sorry this happened to you. You should be relentless until the situation is rectified. Remain polite and calm. Maybe this will work in your favor to get a Birkin.

    It is upsetting that it is becoming clear that there are some slips in quality control at Hermes. It is hard to believe that the craftperson who stitched the bag did not know of the defect.
  11. Can the bag be send to Claude or to Paris to be fixed?
  12. Definitely return and ask for a replacement, putting your foot down (but don't stomp). Whatever they say just kindly reply I require a replacement, thank you. this other one is unacceptable and i'm surprised you did not destroy it in the first place. then tell them you want a mastercraftsman to make the second one! well maybe not that last part...but definitely the rest. good luck gga!
  13. Inexcusable! They should take the bag back no questions asked in my book. Please keep us updated and do not accept any compromise that doesn't make you happy.

  14. Ditto!!!They must redo the stitching for you until it meets with your satifaction. They should be totally embarassed! It is like a car that you purchase at one dealership and take for service at another closer to you. You have the receipts and the work orders so make them make YOU happy!
  15. Only if Paris says yes. It's outside of your store's jurisdiction.