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  1. I guess it depends on what you'll be using it for.

    Is this going to be an everyday bag? How much stuff do you normally carry? Are you a parent? Do you normally like a big bag? Do you want it to be versatile so you can wear it out in the evening also, or will it mainly be a daytime bag?
  2. I like the satchel best of your four choices.
  3. I voted tote, so roomy and you will get lots of use out of it.
  4. My vote is for #1.
  5. Well I eliminated number 4 because it just does not feel right. So now only 3 choices.

    As far as size any of them would work. I am mom, student and coach lover. The tote would be great. I am wondering if it could fit my laptop??? The satchel and other would also be great because the color I want them in I do not have and it would go with soooooo much.

    Decisions, Decisions!!!
  6. I'm sure your laptop would fit, because a changing pad is already included. I remember a while ago someone bought a baby bag just to use the changing pad as a cushion for their laptop. That might also work for you.
  7. I voted for #1!
  8. # 1
  9. #1 would work for a mom, student and a Coach lover. :tup:

    It looks like it might fit a laptop...not sure though.
  10. I measured my laptop and it looks like it will fit. I think I am pretty set on getting number #1. Now all I have to do is pick color.

    What do you think, maghoney strip or white? I think the white looks great but worried about it maybe getting dirty.