What should I do?

  1. Ladies, I need your suggestions...
    I bought 2 Chanel bags & a Chanel wallet from pre-sale with Lisa, I have received the items last week. But I didn't like one of the bag. I want to return it and get a black or tan GST instead ( I can't get refund, since I bought it with gift cards). But I live 5 hrs from Troy, MI. The nearest NM is like 3 hrs away! I felt bad for calling Lisa to return the bag.

    So should I call Lisa, send the bag back, and ask her to send GST? OR should I just drive 3 hrs to Chicago and return it? Please give me your advices... TIA
  2. since you intend on exchanging it, i don't think you should feel bad by calling lisa and send he the bag back, she still gets the sale, from what i've been hearing on this board, i don't think lisa would mind, she sounds like a great SA.
  3. I'd definately send it back to Lisa. I use her all the time and she won't mind at all. Also, you can get a mail check back if you used a gift card. You don't have to get a gift card back.
  4. Send it back to Lisa,she can send you the one you are looking for.
  5. send back to Lisa. It is a service industry, any SA should not mind doing this for you=)
  6. Thank you, all! I'll call Lisa tomorrow. I felt really bad for doing this to her. :shame:
  7. send it back to Lisa so she gets to keep the sale when you exchange it for the GST. i'm sure she won't mind. :yes:
  8. Definitely send it back to her and have her help you find something else. I am like you and feel bad when I return things but my SA's say don't mind and would prefer to make you happy so you will shop with them again.
  9. I would call your SA Lisa and see what she says. Please keep us posted.
  10. Yes, I called her this morning and she was fine with it. I felt sooo bad, but she seem very helpful about it. She's such a GREAT SA. I'll ship the bag back tomorrow.
  11. You shouldn't feel bad. Since you're returning a sale bag, I'm sure Lisa wouldn't have a problem selling it to another one of her clients. I bought the metallic bowler that was on sale from Lisa last week, and she specifically told me to send it back to her if I didn't like it because she has many other clients waiting for it.