What % reduction does mulberry.com have in sale?

  1. Just wondering does anyone know what percentage reduction mulberry.com will have in Christmas Sale? Are there only reductions on certain items?
  2. Hi :smile:

    Definately discounts on certain items only- often the seasonal colours, or styes which are being discontinued. As far as I remember, I think up to 50% off :tup:

    I'm sure some of the other girls will be along to tell us more....
  3. Either 30% or 50% on discontinued items - eg 30% off Phoebes & Annies last Christmas; 50% off Aralines last Christmas and 50% off Emmies & Alanas in the summer.

    I guess it depends how well things are selling as to how much they discount by. Some stuff will be 50% off though, I'd imagine. Plus, they often have an additional 10% off for the first two days of the sale so it's definitely worth getting in early for extra savings. And the good stuff sells out early :lol:
  4. do they offer reductions on purses or keyrings as well??
  5. I think the purses were around 30% off. They had a couple of keyrings for 50% off. I bought the brass heart but then returned it as I couldn't justify another purchase :push:
  6. when do the sales normally start? on boxing day?
  7. Think it's xmas day.
  8. Oh no :sweatdrop: I just swore to myself that I'd not get any more bag this year!!!!!!!
  9. If you get on their mailing list they'll send you an invitation and that gives you a further 10 per cent off on the first day of the sale.
  10. thanks for that info. i just signed up on their website. :smile:
  11. Are the factory outlets open from boxing day?
  12. I called my Mulberry store in LA and the SA said all bags in the store are going to be 20% off this Friday (Nov. 16).

    That said, I ordered a e/w bayswater yesterday to be reserved for Friday when the 20% starts but she called me back today saying she can take off the 20% already. (methinks they just don't want to give you time to change your mind. LOL)
  13. I love the Mulberry shop in LA. I'm from Australia and it's not as easy for me to get my hands on Mulberry's. I purchased an East West Bayswater from them a couple of months ago and they have the best customer service. I have just contacted them again to see if it's possible to purchase the Bayswater now and not pick it up until I get to the States next month. They were quite happy to accommodate my request. :smile: