What other bags are you in love with?

  1. Aside from Chanel, what other designers do you covet?

    I'd like to add a Balenciaga to my collection soon.
    I bought an LV BH, but could do w/ or w/o it once my brown Grand Shopping tote comes!:lol:
    There's a Dior or 2 I like and a few CHloe's as well.

    What about you?
  2. Well I'm all over the place.

    A Paddy or Two
    etc etc etc.
  3. Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Chanel. That's pretty much it for me. I don't get the Balenciaga craze, never will, but I really love structured bags - no slouchy, hobo bags for me.:yucky:

    ETA: I do like some of the quilted Dior bags, but for the price I'd rather have a Chanel.
  4. I think their softness is what I like. . . but you make a great point. I also don't like bags that can't stand up on their own. . . maybe I'll have to rethink that! LOL!
    I haven't really even checked them out IRL yet, they're next to impossible to find in Dallas. When Barney's opens in Sept I hope to check them out!
  5. Some of the colors on the Balenciaga bags are definitely yummy, and the leather is truly divine, but put those on a structured bag and I'd be all over it.
  6. I think it depends on what kind of bag you get. The leather is really soft, but I think of the speedy when I think of bbags. The structure may be off, but if you put enough stuff in it, it will be ok. It can definitely hold it's shape.
  7. ^Good point!
  8. I don't get Balenciaga either. Especially now that the leather looks and feels like tin foil. Dior is way too trendy for my tastes. I can't fathom the whole frenzy surrounding the Gaucho.

    Now Chloe I adore. The Paddington is pure genius; I don't think I'll ever tire of my Paddington and Edith bags. But will the Silverado be one of those "What was I thinking?" purchases years down the road?? Whatever, I still love mine.

    Gucci has some classic bags, and I love my LV Speedy 30.

    I'm still trying to figure out the Muse! Never got into YSL much.
  9. Well actually Im brand new to Chanel, so I think I'd really like to add one to my collection of:
    Balenciaga and LV and Chloe :0)
  10. I like the YSL Byzance line, but not the Muse.
    I've always liked the Gaucho and wanted one but lately and starting to feel glad I didn't buy.
    I like the new Dior vintage looking line, and I LOVE the Chloe Silverado!
  11. what else do you carry ranskimmie?
  12. I'm not a big Dior fan. When the gaucho first came out I really wanted one, but that want faded away after awhile. I just didn't feel it was worth the price. However, I'm a lover of YSL, but I only own like two bags of them. And the two bags I own are exactly the same, but different colors and that's the St. Tropez bag.
  13. My moods are so varied ...and so are my tastes!! I love Chanel (duh!), but also really love Balenciaga. It took awhile for me to jump on that bandwagon, but now that I did, I can't get enough. I like that they are so lightweight and guess I am a biker chic at heart...my husband would die laughing at that! I also carry quite a few LVs as well. I did dabble in Chloe but just could never get into them. They are way too heavy for me...I am soooo fickle and can't seem to have enough bags....
  14. GUCCI,FENDI,and MJ.
  15. I love the Chanel 2.55, and hope to get one of those eventually!

    I'm a bit schizo when it comes to my bags - started with Coach and Burberry and for years, I've been a LV girl! Can't live without my papillon's, pochettes, etc... I finally ordered my first Balenciaga, which I'm totally excited about!! The leather is SO light!

    Not a huge Dior, Fendi, YSL or Chloe fan though - although I think the Paddy's look cute, they weigh like a ton of bricks, and I don't like that in a bag.