What LV bag do you regret not buying?

Oct 31, 2010
It's never too late! There is always Fashionphile :smile:
I wish I was confident enough to purchase pre-loved! I know many people here do that. I would worry that I am still paying a lot of money for something that may or may not be genuine! I envy those of you who boldly purchase pre-loved! I do look at the pre-loved pieces at local department stores. I tell my husband, there is that handbag I should have purchased years ago. :lol:


Jul 11, 2015
I regret not buying the other 3 nanos - Nano Turenne, Nano Pallas & Nano Speedy. I agree with another TPF member that back then, the nano size was new. People joked about that it isn't a real bag. I even said that it looked childish and toylike but now I don't say that at all. The nano/mini craze keeps going after all these years.

Also, not buying more when prices were 'reasonable' and having multiple price increases each year. As an example, the price of the mini pochette is absolutely insane.
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