What LV bag do you regret not buying?

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  1. Not sure if this is already a post or not, but are they any bags you wish you bought, but didn't or couldn't?

    I wish I bought a Galliera PM or GM, a Delightful GM (with the zippers), a Totally GM, maybe even an Alma GM in vernis

    Anyone else?
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  2. Speedy watercolor
  3. Where to begin..... Thames, Galliera, Evora, Melrose, etc..... Lol Now I have to find someone selling them.......Lol

  4. I wish!!!! I think I love it more than the MC. Lol
  5. I wish I bought the Wilshire PM in Vernis Pomme and the Alma MM in Epi Noir. I would have given up my Alma PM in Carmine and Alma PM in Vernis Pomme so fast for them lol
  6. I'm banging my head in for not snapping up a Galliera or Sully:Pullhair:
  7. The Monceau BB

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  8. Right now I'm regretting not getting a mono milla clutch. It would be perfect to store in my larger work bag to hold cash and my phone for lunch breaks. I didn't even know it was discontinued until recently. I'm hoping to find a preloved one in excellent condition soon.
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  9. Watercolor Speedy. I was on the wait list but back then buying it was really a stretch for me so i decided against it. Financially smart, of course...but I still think about it. the ones I see now aren't in the condition I want for the price.
  10. Neverfull LE with the pink "Maui" on it. Wish I had picked one up when I had the chance!
  11. Kusama NF in red
  12. Definitely Galliera and the old model delightful MM or GM
  13. Westminster GM
  14. Red Neverfull yayoi kusama 😭😭😭
  15. The sequin speedy
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