what leather is this?

  1. [​IMG]


    its got the impressed stamp rather than the print -- but it looks too textured for barenia and too shiny for chamonix. are there other leathers with impressed stamps?

    and yes, i just bought it. :shame: my name is DQ and i have a serious hermes addiction. but i really NEEDED this one!
  2. DQ, it's hard to say without a close-up. Congrats on your new acquisition! Hopefully HG can help you out.

  3. Such a cute bag!! Congratulations!
  4. I can't get a clear close-up of the leather, but veau grain lisse can have a natural stamp as well. Ask the seller about the datestamp as VGL is a discontinued leather and if this is new, we have to consider other leathers.
  5. thanks ladies. :flowers: it's not new, so VGL is a distinct possibility.

    it should be arriving (from france!) next week so i'll have more information soon. it actually is a practical piece, as i've been looking for a dump-everything-in-and-don't-worry-about-it kind of sack for horse shows.
  6. That's lovely, DQ - the leather should be called scrumptious, it looks very caressable (if there be such a word!) Enjoy it!
  7. BTW, DQ it's called the Market bag.
  8. DQ - that is a great bag for horseshows - I love use em and abuse em bags. We need to get Lolo one.
  9. Too right, Liz .. although I know Dressage Queen will look after her bag! (These dressage gals are so neat and tidy, which is how I realised very snappily dressage was not for me). That bag really does look the thing though - stylish but carefree.
    I am off to the Uk via Switzerland on 4th of next month where I will be picking up a whole bunch of horsey H scarves that are there waiting for me - not to mention THE WHIP (courtesy of la Shopmom, who found it and then did the whole schlepp of packaging it and finding an appropriate shipper! What a star!) so I shall not be feeling too sorry for myself. I will also be able to pop in at the Hermes at Zurich airport where maybe I will find something delicious AND within my paltry budget!
  10. DQ, if it's not new, could it be vache naturelle? Either way, congratulations on a spendid acquisition. She's lovely!
  11. DQ, I just got to thinking, it could also be Ardennes. We'll really need a good closeup to tell for sure.
  12. I wonder if Buffalo is also a possibility?^^
  13. Looks like Ardennes to me. I'm not sure if it's textured enough to be Buffalo
  14. cross my heart, i'll figure out how to use the digital camera so when it arrives i can post close-up pix.

    i'm really looking forward to getting this -- it looks almost huggable. or, "squooshy" to a turn of phrase from the inimitable shopmom!

    market bag, eh -- guess that means i get to shop when i carry it . . . .

    thanks all :heart: :flowers:
  15. OMG! I actually bought this same bag in a Consignment store once..:yes: Mine was mushy too: and it was "Gulliver" leather which is a discontinued leath. :crybaby: But yours seems to have like grains to it.. right? I think it's just a well patina'ed Taurillion. If I ever get a digi cam.. I'll shoot a ppic of my oldest Taurillion and it's really mushy, shiny, and different form all my new taurillion. Regardless CONGRATS!:yahoo: it's a super practical bag!