What kind of Woman Sunbath's NUDE next door to an Open House??

  1. Ok, this is killing me!! LOL :nuts:

    DH and I went home shopping this weekend. There was one special house on our list so we save that for last.

    When we got there the house was pretty crowded, standard Saturday Open House fare, people in and out in droves.

    The house was actually exactly what we were looking for: open floor plan, single story, gorgeous kitchen, etc.

    Only the view was a bit ... questionable.

    The Next Door Neighbor was NAKED in her backyard. She was nude sunbathing in plain site of EVERYONE.

    The home is on a hill and the fences are only six feet tall, Nake Woman was on the downslode so quite visable to every single person at the Open House.

    Does anyone else find this BIZARRE??!?!?!

  2. Lol....I guess your getting a good preview of your neighbor.
  3. Some people like/need the attention. Is she an actress, I wonder?
  4. Exhibitionist. Plain and simple. Was she at least good looking?
  5. One who is perhaps trying to make an impression on the new MALE owner of next door?????? Buyer beware LOL
  6. OMG!!!

    DH was like :graucho:
    and I was like :wtf:

    Yeah, she was very pretty! And the breasts were either fake or Real and SPECTACULAR!!!
  7. ROFLMAO..OMG.....Where is this????

  8. The East Bay Area!!

    This is serious Settle Down and Have a Passle of Kids Suburbia!!!

    I have no real problem with nudity, but this seemed soooo inappropriate. Screamed CHECK ME OUT!

    And seriously, do we (I, anyone) really want to live NEXT DOOR to this woman?!?!??!
  9. I'm thinking she works for the real estate company.
  10. Well... I think if I were her I would have hid so quick! She must have seen all of the foot traffic going in and out of the house next door, and just not cared :shrugs: Exhibitionist perhaps... totally weird.
  11. Oh, and this NOT an April Fool's Joke!! :p

    I wish it were, cause seriously, this is majorly coloring my decision to buy this house!!!
  12. I wouldn't think of her as bringing down the home price... maybe she just wanted attention.
  13. LOL! that's hilarious!!
  14. did it start a bidding war?:roflmfao:
  15. I'm thinking she wanted to show off those boobs!! :nuts:

    There is no way she could NOT have known we could see her. :push: