What kind of bag do you carry to work?

  1. And what type of job do you have?

    My husband bought me a new briefcase (it also has a cross-body strap) for Christmas because he noticed that I didn't have any bags "specifically modeled for business." I love it, but honestly the only time I really feel I need a bag "specifically modeled for business" is when I'm in court (I'm a lawyer) or visiting a client. The rest of the time, I just carry a regular purse or tote that goes with my outfit and holds the amount of stuff I need it to hold.

    I usually try to choose something structured and fairly neutral in color/design (for example, I save my LV Multicolore for the weekends), but I don't feel the need for a specific "business bag" on a daily basis... do you?
  2. i carry my balenciagas mostly.
    i'm working as a producer and stylist for tv commercial and print ad, so my area of job is very relaxed and i can express my style without limitation :p
  3. I have a few bags that I label as everday bags: a couple kate spade, one coach, and a fendi. They're all black and pretty simple. I don't usually get anything with logos plastered all over it.
  4. My new black LV Passy:heart: and before that a black Anya Hindmarch Carker. I'm an academic working at London University.
  5. I have two big Coach tote bags that I use - one black, one tan. I work in the pharmaceutical industry and I have to travel between job sites and buildings pretty frequently, so I need durable bags that hold a lot of stuff and no one I work with really cares about fashion. I've had the Coach totes for several years and they still look as good as the day I bought them - they wear like iron. :yes: Oh, and I usually stuff a small Fendi purse or my LV pochette into my Coach tote.
  6. You sound a lot like me. :yahoo: I occasionally carry a smaller (i.e., "regular size") purse to work, but most of the time I use one of two big totes -- also one black and one tan, those two pretty much cover any outfit! -- and I put a very small purse inside that I carry to lunch, etc.
  7. "work" for me is out of my home-- i'm a part time consultant but my main job is mom so i'm often going in and out of school and supermarket. i carry an LV pouchette most of the time. but, i just ordered a marc jacobs blake bag and that may become my new fav because it's larger than my LV.
  8. I have a Piquadro briefcase in leather. I carry it when I have to go to the court - attached a photo.

    Then it depends. Sometimes I just put my stuff inside the briefcase but sometimes I carry my shoulder black Gucci. I can't wait for better weather when I'm going to start to carry my Chanel mini flap, it's perfect to keep my money, cellphone and ipod mini
  9. I also tend to use Coach totes for work, but I also have a Smythson briefcase style bag that I use when I go to court (also a lawyer). Occasionally I carry my mono Louis.
  10. I carry something simple, leather, without logos showing. I usually use my brown leather Coach hobo or my black leather Coach hobo.
  11. I too carry a large black leather Coach tote most days. I got it at the outlet about 18 months ago and it holds a ton of stuff. It's the Coach book tote.
    I do like to mix it up a bit though, so I carry my Damier Speedy 30 sometimes and also my Botkier Holster in metallic twilight, which holds a ton too. In the warmer months I have a cream colored pebbled leather Coach shoulder bag that I also got at the outlets, and a Tods white D bag that I also carry.
    I have a Jimmy Choo Ramona but I rarely carry it to work--it just feels too expensive to take the beating it would get from my daily job grind and the rainy weather here.
  12. Forgot to mention I'm a pediatrician. So I don't really use my bag much on the job--just to kind of tote my stuff back and forth to the office. I tend to do better with large tote kinds of bags...to hold journals, schedules, etc along with my stethescope and stuff.
  13. I always carry my huge everyday bag, and sometimes a large portfolio or waterproof tube (for architectural drawings).
  14. I am a makeup artist, so it depends on what I am doing that day. Sometimes my Motorcycle weekender, sometimes my Laundry by Shelli Segal bag if I am traveling, now I am stuck on my Spy bag.
  15. I work in finance. I normally carry my large black Furla tote, but I just bought a Kooba Sienna...I've brought it with me a few times (because I love it so much), but it's really not big enough.

    I used to carry a nylon Kate Spade tote but I was sort of encouraged to "upgrade" (this was in NYC).