What item do you regret not getting?

  1. I thought it'd be interesting to find out everyones thoughts. Is there any item that you regret not getting and is now unattainable? For me, there are a few. It would be the Mirroir Speedy and Lockit in gold as well as the Epi Mandara in Myrtille. There were also a few items from the Monagram Mat line.
  2. Graffiti speedy in silver
  3. I wish I would've been a bigger fan of LV in 2006, I so would've waitlisted for the Miroir Alma. That is SUCH a showpiece.
  4. Vienna Mizi
  5. ^yup, Mizi Vienna...but I didn't even know about LV when that was out!
  6. mirror silver speedy
  7. Macha Waltz, but the waitlists were so long who knows if I could have even gotten one!
  8. mine is the Mizi Vienna, the Cherry Blossom Sac Retro (red/creme) and the Murakami Eye Love You Sac Retro
  9. I'm still regretting having missed out on a framboise vernis key wallet. :crybaby:Such a little thing but it would mean a lot to me.
  10. Monogram Theda GM..Actually any of the Thedas!
  11. Cerises speedy, miroir lockit...
  12. ditto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. groom line agenda, it was sold out in KL...
  14. Cerises Speedy!!!! Love that whole line
  15. everything in CB =P