what is your signature perfume?

  1. L'Artisan and Jo Malone.
  2. My fave right now is Hermes Un Jardin Sur le Nil
  3. Mmmm...that's a nice scent. The SA gave me a bunch of samples when I shopped there and I really like that one!
  4. I love Creed White Flowers and Spring Flowers. Also Hanae Mori although it seems to smell better on everyone else than on me.
  5. Ah that's good to hear ! But that's quite the marketing scheme, grr Escada !! :suspiciou
  6. my favorite is Sotto Voce by Laura Biagiotti , but too bad that they have discontinued it and I have to spend $27 for 0.85oz on different websites:sad2:
  7. ralph lauren blue
    jlo still
  8. dior-hypnotic poison
  9. i've been wearing estee lauder pleasures for like 2 years, i love it but i'm kind of getting sick of it! but i can't change until i find something else that i like :sad:
  10. I wear Beautiful by Estee Lauder. It is the only scent I have been able to wear that doesn't trigger a migraine...

    I do love it though (and so does hubby!)
  11. Davidorf's Cool Water.. luv luv luv the oceany scent...
  12. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Rose Red
  13. Paco Rabanne - Ultraviolet (Daytime)
    Ghost - Deep Night (Dining out)
    Thierry Mugler - Angel (Night out)
    Elizabeth Arden - Provocative Woman (Night out)

    I love perfume!:p :biggrin:
  14. Malabah by Penhaligon's, London

    It's a bit more different, and according to Penhaligon's website:

    [FONT=Verdana, Garamon] Introducing Malabah.
    Tradewinds, monsoon, the Indies in a bottle: Exotic, cool and confident, for the born traveller: spices, lush flowers, precious woods, zingy top notes.
  15. Chanel No. 19