what is your signature perfume?

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  1. I always wear either Bulgari or Cashmere Mist.

    (was dusting my bedroom and I realized I have all these perfumes but these are the only two I wear!)
  2. I like Stila's Creme Bouquet or Tova's signature scent.
  3. I have two Romance Ralph Lauren & Michael Michael Kors. I love perfumes and have like 30 of them but the ones that last longer and go to me are those two.
  4. Escada or Issey Miyake.
  5. Hanae Mori and Annick Goutal Eau d Hadrien
  6. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
  7. Cartier - So Pretty :biggrin:
  8. My more usual choices:
    J'adore - Dior
    Eternity - Calvin Klein

    Occasional scents:
    Very Irresistible - Givenchy
    Eternity Moment - Calvin Klein
  9. Ferragamo, Coco, Valentino and sometimes Anna Sui. I like spicy scents.
  10. My favourites are Blush by Marc Jacobs and
    Mat; by Masakï Matsushïma. Other scents that I like are Mûre et musc by l'Artisan Parfumeur, Vocalise by Shiseido, and Addict Eau Fraiche by Dior.
  11. It's either Frederick's of Hollywood sig scent or Eternity Moment. Oh, I almost forgot, Hugo Boss Deep Red...very exotic.
  12. My absolute favorite is rush2 from gucci!
  13. Clinique Happy or Ralph by Ralph Lauren.

    I'm really, really in love with Escada's Pacific Paradise though. A SA told me that Escada perfumes change every year so it's all limited edition thoguh !? Augh, I guess I better buy a case of it by the end of this year !
  14. I was given this gift set of vintage Chanel scents (from the 1920s), which includes unknown scents that are no longer made. I really like them. I'm also using Sisley, this year, because I was given it for Christmas (bottle is pretty).
  15. Ayla- I wouldn't worry about the Escada. Even though they change names the scents aren't that different. I have their Island Kiss from Spring 2004, which comes in the same bottle as the new scent you mentioned, and it smells virtually identical to it. :lol: