What is your latest Hermes purchase?


My Sweet Angel
Dec 18, 2005
Hi ! I just got mors scarf ring to extend strap . I ordered permabrass but it looks silver to me . It doesn’t match my Kelly hardware. Yours look perfect . Ordered it online not sure If they ship me wrong one . I’ll call customer service tomorrow.
Yes, that does look like the palladium plated version. I'm sure they'll make it right for you.


Sep 20, 2012
My latest purchases - a Lindy 30, sandals and scarf.

Always wanted a Lindy as my first H bag, and surprised myself when my heart skipped many beats with a bright color instead of a neutral color (was shown a Etain color on another bag style). With working at home the norm now, I just can't wait till the weekends to bring her out.

I have been wearing the orans out for short shopping trips, but it does hurt a little, hoping it will stretch a little more as time goes by?

Fell in love with the colorway and abstract look of this Pegase Paysage scarf, perfect first piece for me (and the home), and I already look forward to purchasing more. So soft and silky~



Sep 10, 2007
Is there anything better than receiving the H-bag you thought about, dreamed about and plottet perfectly into your wardrobe and your life? Perhaps even better if it turns out your plotting was a success, and the bag is everything you hoped it would be.....

I present my new-to-me Blue Jean Bolide 35 that just happens to go perfectly with two of my favorite shawls - and that is only the beginning, lots of silks have the Blue Jean color in them, too:happydance: View attachment 4993589
My Bolide is my most used H bag, I love it!
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Sep 10, 2007
Having deliberated for ages what my next bag would be, I eventually decided a Herbag would be the perfect addition. Turns out you had to have the speed of a ninja to catch one on H.com but luckily my SA came through and I am delighted to introduce my latest purchase in magnolia and bleu saffir. It hasn’t had much use so far, but looking at it makes me smile!