What is your latest Hermes purchase?

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  1. Thank you!!! LOL - I don't know how to wear it - clasp up or down???
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  2. :lol: Clasp up is prettier and safer, but its personal taste, so you can choose!;):heart:
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  3. Here you go. Ignore my awkward arm — At least the bracelet steals the show!!!

  4. I thought this was such a smart design for the equestrian house. Very nice!
  5. Love it! Just what you were looking for.
  6. Wow, it looks even prettier when worn! :loveeyes: And the scarf is perfect for it!
  7. It’s so cute!!! Reminds me of a design they did for petite H few Christmas ago with croc. I also love the colors, so chic. :tup:
  8. It’s lovely.. that piece is just perfect, looks good on your arm. i love mini dogs too..
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  9. :cool::cool::cool::cool::biggrin::cool:
    Thank you! And now you have me curious about what the croc version looked like lol. I’m going to search for pictures
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  10. My old age memory is not serving me well :biggrin:, it might be from 3 years ago, around Christmas time!
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  11. Haven’t posted in a little while, but here are my purchases within the last 6 months, two of which were SO’s
    B95A5075-87C2-4DA2-B138-B1104507E3A6.jpeg A643B24F-B82A-49E3-A7CE-BD827F692E30.jpeg 6B4AC643-7AED-41D1-9246-F7A324330597.jpeg 20AEF934-B881-471F-9710-71F767E51FF0.jpeg
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  12. Gorgeous!! Congrats! I am awaiting a very similar SO to your blue hydra!
  13. Thank you!! It’s a beautiful blue!!!
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  14. Stunning beauties
  15. Oh I really like that bracelet! It looks beautiful on your arm!