What is your latest Hermes purchase?

  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. Thank you very much!
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  2. What a wonderful purchase! Enjoy
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  5. Thank you :flowers:
  6. Here is the tag.. I try to get a second... until now nothing online or in store.
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  7. Thank you :smile: I saw it here in the forum maybe 6 months ago, it was like a small cataloge image and since then I asked and watched out and no info (name, id, number) every assay was just looking at me like: really? H is doing a key ring with 3 pouches? Then a few days before Christmas happy news from my SA: they received one pouch! And like i assumed, it is sold without the key ring. The key ring is 390 Euro as I saw online and the pouch was 700 Euro. I would like to add a second pouch in another colour but at this pricetag and the format (it fits no phone as it is nearly quadratic) I am happy if I score the key ring for having the set. :shocked:
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  8. Presenting B35 vert cypress GHW in Togo. My seasonal HG :heart: Including a photo with its sibling. :hugs:
    E6B0BAE1-05AE-49C9-AEFD-6846F12945FC.jpeg 2DC8840A-A919-46A7-8ACB-336D46C897A5.jpeg 488163CE-B507-4F9E-AC7E-81EC1423D62D.jpeg
  9. I took these 1/2 size up from my normal Hermes size. Normally 38.5 and took a 39 due to narrow fit in front and heel.
  10. How is it with half size up? Does it feel to big?
  11. Love your “big sister” bag to my baby B. Gorgeous!! Congrats!
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  12. just very slightly... to compensate, I wear an average weight sock as opposed to a super lightweight one/or no show type of sock. Very comfy walking around the city or running errands.

    I love them and think if I went with my normal size, I'd hate them due to the tightness. They are narrow. This type of boot really doesn't stretch.

    Good luck, I think they are possibly sold out in the US.
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  13. This bag makes my heart sing! She's gorgeous congrats!
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  14. 9A91C560-8839-4C4E-9889-FCAEE812EC8B.jpeg Hello, I am new to this Forum and I am going to start with sharing this latest purchase of mine:
    KellyR 25 Crocodile Mat PHW
  15. DRROOOOOOL! Congratulations. Wowwwwzaaaaaaa. :loveeyes:
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