What is your latest Hermes purchase?

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  1. IMG_7739.JPG

    Here you go! I didn’t ask to see it to take an interior shot, but you can see the padded grid peeking.
  2. If you're still looking for the key ring straps, I believe they are shown in this pic from @momasaurus at the Madison boutique:
  3. Thank you very much!
  4. I think Ban Island needs a maximum security wing and I need to be in it. I am sharing this only because @noegirl knew about this part already. I am not sharing the rest of my purchase today because I am very disappointed with my lack of self control.
  5. Twinsies! :drinks: You look fabulous in the poncho!
    I will be in Vegas next week for a Girl's trip, where I will be testing my will. I'm still on Ban Island....
  6. So, were you offered an unwanted special order? That would truly be serendipitous.
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  7. C’est La Fete exceptional
  8. If you escape next week, you will join me in the maximum security wing of Ban Island. My DH actually stopped instigating. I know I have been very bad.
  9. Ah I saw this in another thread too!!! Beautiful... would you please take additional pix after picking it up? I am behind curious and congratulations on getting the last one in the world!
  10. Gorgeous!! Sigh H gets us every time.
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  11. THIS is the land of the lack of self-control.. share share share!!!!!!
  12. gasp! :heart:
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  13. Soooo gorgeous!!! Is it white inside?
  14. Scored 2 mini bearn card cases while traveling to Seoul end of December, there were 3 that delivered on the day I visited so I lucked out! Price was slightly lower than US after VAT refund.

    Bleu glacier epsom with PHW
    Noir epsom with RGHW

    Then my dear SA offered me the below as soon as I returned from my trip LOL sigh

    B25 Etoupe Togo PHW
  15. Would you believe me if I told you we are twins again? That awoooo scarf is the exact one I have and my most worn scarf. Can’t wait to see your loot twin!
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