What is your latest Hermes purchase?

  1. Wooooow what a gorgeous watch! :loveeyes: Beautiful pink! Your K is so gorgeous too! great match! Congrats!
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  2. Thank you ladies!
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  3. I was thinking more along the lines of “marvelous in Magnolia,” after saying “pretty in pink!” :smile:
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  4. My newest find from fashionpile. Evie TPM Blue Izimir & malachite combo strap. Love this blue! I wish they make these cute combo straps again with Evies then I won't have to hunt them down from reseller sites.
  5. My very first Hermès (first bag above a longchamp le pliage price range...). Found it on The Real Real and it didn’t show pictures of the degree of cracking along the fold. It’s a gorgeous bag but I’d be interested to hear what others think - worth the $500? (I’ll post in the repair thread too for thoughts on feasibility of fixing it up and maintaining).
    390D0185-7F44-4C10-BD0C-6329636EB927.jpeg 6EA5CE77-71B6-4573-A307-229ACF4F3912.jpeg CC1DD08B-B18D-47D3-A55F-47042D411CDD.jpeg 6CFD13FD-3851-4C47-BD32-C3951360FF4B.jpeg
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  6. Take a look at @docride thread. She has great advice on how to care for your vintage H.
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    edit: based on doc’s helpful review, I’m going to try to return it. It’s a gorgeous bag but the cracking concerns me.
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  8. If you are concerned and can return it, I would do so too :yes:
  9. Hey! I picked up my first exotic yesterday! Any advice?
    Kelly 25 ostrich in rose tyrien
  10. A happy bag !
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  11. O.M.G.
    It’s absolutely stunning!!
    Congrats on your beautiful purchase!

  12. Such a gorgeous cutie ! Congrats.
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  13. Gorgeous bag! What advice are you looking for? You already bought it right?
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  14. So pretty ! I’m so excited that rose tyren is now in ostrich

    Enjoy it with good health
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  15. Silk'in compact wallet in rose avalee.

    Been looking for one forever, and was recently told by SA at the Madison Ave store that they suspect the silk'in compact wallet is being phased out, as they haven't received any shipment of it in a while (anyone know if this is true?)

    Then, i randomly stumbled upon one at my local H!! Couldn't believe my luck and snapped it up right away. SA told me that it's her first time seeing one in over 7 months.
    20181102_172250.jpg 20181102_172357.jpg