What is your latest Hermes purchase?

  1. Very nice! I’m finding out the same thing lol find myself reaching for that the most.
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  2. Thank you MsAli! I’ve been wearing my neutral Appaloosa des Steppes so much, I really needed something else with easy to wear colour combination to give poor Appaloosa des Steppes a break. On a different note, have you ever dry cleaned your cashmere shawls?
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  3. Super nice poncho! love how it matches your gorgeous K! :loveeyes:Congrats!
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  4. Beautiful shawl and the Rodeo!:loveeyes: Congrats!
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  5. Love both!
    Do you know the colors of the rodeo?
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  6. Thank you :smile:
    Yes, it’s Blue Glacier / Curry / Rouge H agneau

    Funny enough, if I saw this on the box prior to seeing the actual charm, I would have thought it’s blue/orange/red hahaha this is the first time I’m seeing blue glacier irl and it’s definitely grey, not blue
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  8. Love both and I’m not even into Rodeos, but this one I like :smile:
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  9. Twins! Congrats on your Rocabar Poncho! You look fantastic in it and will get so much wear out of it. I have had mine for a few years now and she still looks gorgeous. Please don't forget to post your pics in the Ode to Poncho thread as well. There are quite a few of us that are twins or cousins with you on this beauty and would love to share in your joy. Enjoy in the best of health and happiness! Congrats again!
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  10. OMG So glad to hear, because I just got another one! :lol: I will definitely post on the other thread and “meet” my twins and cousins :love:
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  11. Thank you :hbeat:
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  12. Ha! I wear the same one all the time, too lol I need another, but just brought home 2 ponchos instead :giggle: No, I haven’t...scared to:wtf:
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  13. Wow! That is fantastic! Which one did you get? How exciting! Please share on this thread and in the Ode to Hermes Poncho thread as well so that we can oh and ah over them! Congrats again!
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  14. I love the color of the CSGM and the rodeo!!! Rodeos are adorbs....maybe I’ll have to splurge for one. I always find myself playing with the same display one they have at my H store.
  15. Just want to share my latest dose of vitamin C :biggrin: 20181102_104758.jpg