What is your latest Hermes purchase?

  1. Wow sweet
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  2. Slowly growing my collection :giggle:
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  3. 24b2d936-abf3-400a-8d7c-a3d5d9097e84.jpg

    I was just casually asking about Constance at the Hermes store in Venice but nope, no Constance for me. But the lovely SA brought out all the boxes of Constance wallets and there were compacts and long wallets (there’s one that is orange Epsom with blue brighton enamel hardware, red glossy croc with gold hardware, matt black croc with rose gold hard ware).

    This, completely blew me away. Everything that I have ever wished for in a Constance wallet which I will be using as a clutch. Matt black croc with a non-metal hardware. An enamel hardware would have satisfied me but ombre lizard hardware is just wow!!

    I certainly didn’t expect to bring something home from the Venice but this is quite exceptional
  4. Exceptional is the word. Enjoy.
  5. Thank you! :heart:
  6. Pretty in pink!
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  7. Wow. This is truly stunning. I’m not much of a constance Wallet girl, BUT I can certainly see why you couldn’t leave this stunning piece behind :loveeyes:
  8. Wow! Absolutely stunning! Enjoy and have a blessed Sunday
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  9. Just added this beauty to my H watch collection :smile: I love how low profile it is!
  10. Love the color of the band! Beautiful.
  11. Thank you! They had a lovely purple (forgot the name) croc band as well that I might have to go back for hehe
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  12. Hey everyone - it’s great getting to see everyone’s purchases.
    I picked a little something for myself that had been on my list this year. So happy I found it at the Madison Ave store. Its the Atout pouch in rose pourpre/bleu saphir (small version). Love the little lock pull.
    93727D34-8996-4959-8B16-4367688CBB19.jpeg 7AD21112-5D9B-41A9-9EC8-687645DC5716.jpeg
  13. Soooo pretty pink! :loveeyes: Cute bracelet! Tressage is definitely my favourite! Congrats!
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  14. Atout is on my wishlist! love the colour! congrats!
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  15. Wow, gorgeous C wallet! :loveeyes:Love the matt croc (so beautiful!) and the lizard hardware! congrats on your lovely purchase!