What is your latest Hermes purchase?

  1. Thank you, it's a dark grey, really gorgeous!
    The colours on these scarfs are exquisite!
    They also had a dark blue that was very tempting.
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  3. after having trouble with a few simple, cheap options I gave up and got these, hope, at least they will last for a while!
  4. Thank you dear! I'm in love with RP and I am learning that colors can be so personal and you must see it in person. I did not care for RP online but I literally jumped when it was tajen out of the box!

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  5. I found my HG clutch today after chasing it for several years... despite still having a slight cold I just had to pick this beauty up. Funnily enough it's been exactly 1 year and 1 week since I scored my ultra holy grail Birkin in Paris...

    Actually I only needed am Ulysse refill, but it's still out of stock here in Berlin since at least Christmas. I then asked on the phone if they happen to have a Medor clutch or Kelly cut, more as a joke... and the first store (large one on Kudamm) said no, only a croc Jige. But the smaller store within Kadewe actually had 2... when I heard the specs I had to go there. The box was still shrink wrapped when I went to see it. It's the 23cm Medor in Bleu Indigo, Swift, GHW :amuse::heart: Now I will have a very pretty consolation to look at after getting my wisdom tooth extracted on Monday... wish me luck!

    PS: the second Medor clutch was rouge tomate, no idea if it's still there (wasn't on display). Didn't ask for the HW since red isn't my colour.
  6. I needed some rose pourpre in my life. :heart:
  7. This exact bag is on my wishlist too
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  8. Omg might need to add this to my wishlist too
    Perfect color for a Jige
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  9. Very beautiful!
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  10. Beautiful clutch!
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  11. twins!! :drinks: i love mine!! :love: congrats on this beauty!
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  12. Celebrating my new job with Hermes!

    Calvi in Taurillon Cristobal in Rouge H and Havane

    My first CSGM. I love the teal and orange spiders. I didn’t care that this was part of the men’s collection. I wish they made this size for the women’s collection.
    IMG_1515893887.728593.jpg IMG_1515893940.079366.jpg
  13. First new treats of 2018

    The pouch is called “Trousse Atout” pm in Gris asphalte and bleu indigo interior. Was sold on the little lock pull tab ! It can fit many cards, receipts, small items, thin compact mirror. A lipstick fits as well but I wouldn’t put in a tube that has sharp edges just in case.

  14. Love it! How much was it?
  15. This cashmere looks beautiful on you. I bought my one in blue/grey a few weeks ago. The decision between your color and my one was difficult. Till now I just wear it as a scarf but will try it next time also als a stole. So, stay warm with this wonderful item :tup::hbeat: