What is your latest Hermes purchase?

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  1. 2 items crossed off my 2018 wishlist! :biggrin: i wanted jumping boots (the shorter, asian version because i am short lol) and the jaguar CSGM and my SA of course pulled through! :heart: i love him-he is so awesome!

    also posting my new-to-me kelly 35 black togo PHW and some new twillys i bought :heart:

    happy 2018 everyone! :smile:

    8599C0A2-B9B3-4E5B-907C-7C2466A9E489.jpeg EF6B66E0-6B52-4601-A6EA-A8B27BB21F9F.jpeg 5EC15882-5015-4FC1-8C95-57473B3F1C83.jpeg
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  2. Love this one B, I've not seen this color before!
  3. I've been looking for the gelato charm for a while, and finally found one on hermes.com Italy. Not sure if it's too big on my Kelly 32 and Bolide 31 though?

    20180110_123136 modified.jpg 20180110_122034 modified.jpg 20180110_122053 modified.jpg
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  5. Greetings Hermes fans purchased this stunning cashmere scarf from Nordstrom flagship Seattle. [​IMG]

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  6. Greetings again. ..sorry for flooding bought a quite a bit of shawls recently as Nordstrom Hermes popup is closing Purchased the 'Double Stole' cashmere two toned stole camel/soft gray. I know a have an addiction to cashmere scarves... Also, if you are interested I have an hermes scarf collection video on youtube...sharing my appreciation for Hermes scarves. Will upload a part two shortly. Purchased both shawls/stoles from Nordstrom flagship Seattle. [​IMG]

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  7. Oh I thought they already closed??
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  9. Haven't posted on the forum in so long! Got some amazing pieces in the last couple of weeks and just picked these up tonight in Rose Pourpre. Will post the rest later.
  10. This is gorgeous!
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  11. Good to see you again, always fab styling
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  12. Thank you! So good to be back posting. Life got so busy there for awhile. Lol.
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  13. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm starting to like how it looks too, so think I'll keep it :smile:
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  14. Gorgeous stole❤️