What is your latest Hermes purchase?

  1. @krawford Thank you!

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  2. Twinsies

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  3. My new-to-me Colvert B35 Togo wGHW. I am in :heart:. Thank you everyone who helped me finding my perfect blue&green bag! :hugs: Colvert is a PERFECT choice for everyone who wants to find a neutral and versatile color for winter (and year-around), rich mixture of blue&green, dark enough and still nothing dull in it. A friendly tip for other Scandinavian members! :amuse: I think this picture shows the TRUE color of Colvert very well. :love:
    The shawl is a new find as well. Duo d'Etriers (H243141S 01, orange/bleu/ultra violet).
    Bought it for an Orange Kelly but it goes quite nicely with the Colvert too. Thank you for the inspiration petpringles! :heart:
    colvert 1.jpg
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  4. Gorgeous! I love Colvert
  5. A little Friday treat | New Libris Cashmere Stole in Acier

  6. Colvert is gorgeous! It's such a happy color.
  7. Colvert is a hard to find color! congrats on scoring her!
  8. Absolutely love this! Gorgeous colour :loveeyes:
  9. Jaguar Quetzsal cgsm and b25 rose pourpe IMG_20180112_064732_477.jpg 20180111_115423.jpg

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  10. Congrats on both!!

    Lovely B25! Is the hardware GHW or PHW?
  11. Stunning!!! Is that a shade of blue or gray?
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  12. Thank you dear. It's one.

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  13. I meant it's phw

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  14. I promised myself I’ll be good this year I’ll be sticking to my bag wishlist and if it’s not on my wishlist I’ll let go of one to welcome a new addition.

    Thanks for letting me share my new baby B25 noir ghw

  15. What?! We were just talking abt our NY resolutions this AM! LOL!
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