What is your last Hermes purchase?

  1. Do you mind sharing which boutique you got these from? My home store told me they are sold out :sad:
  2. I just saw some the other day in black at Madison Ave.
  3. My first Kelly bag size 28 in Bordeaux.


  4. This color is gorgeous
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  5. Beautiful color!
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  6. FYI, after further inspection of the bag. I might decide not to keep. Sorry, couldn't delete my initial post. If you know how to delete my initial post, please let me know[/QUOTE]

    Oh may I know why? It looks great.
  7. Gasp!! that is TDF!!!! I'm loving the Kelly's lately because of the shoulder strap option and the effortless chic look they give you. Congrats!!! You will LOVE her. Wear it in good health.
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  8. This was my unexpected HG.

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  10. It is blue obsecur in sombrero. I almost passed it up because I really couldn't find much info on sombrero leather but I'm SO glad I didn't. I love that it looks blue in some lights and black in others. It's like getting 2 bags in one!
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  11. This is so nice!!!! Love it
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  13. I'm not familiar with the leather either, is it like swift? Please share with us how you think of it after use =)
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