What is your everyday Jewelry/accessories?

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  1. Hi SQ!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite pairing!!!
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    This is a great question! I always wonder what everyone's staples are, jewelry-wise.

    I wear a gold/diamond pendant and gold/diamond hoops constantly. I don't take them off to sleep or shower. Before I leave the house, I slip on my engagement/wedding rings (they are soldered into one) and maybe a right hand ring. That's pretty much it! I would like to add more or mix things up a bit, but I'm just so lazy and usually in a rush to get ready in the morning.
  3. I'm making an effort to rotate. No current jewelry staples other than my gold wedding ring. I do, however, wear at least one pearl every day.
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  4. That's my problem...too lazy to rotate. Other then the Roadster and a neat diamond horseshoe necklace I haven't bought much jewelry recently.
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  5. Engagement ring and tennis bracelet. I never take them off.
  6. My RG Love Bracelet and a silver Two T ring from Tiffanys
  7. A few years ago I decided to stop rotating jewelry daily. Now I wear this 24/7 (sometimes adding other things for "dressing up"):
    - wedding set on left hand
    - Birks ring, Tiffany and Tacori bracelets on right hand (all silver) - pictured below
    - Tiffany interlocking circles necklace
    - tiny silver huggies

    These are all so comfy and easy care I can shower, swim, sleep, exercise and everything in them.

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  8. I rotate.. its never the same everyday.. i like to go silver tone or gold tone depending on my outfit.
    But as staple pieces to wear daily:
    Earings (or i feel naked!)
    Watch (or i feel lost!)
    A ring or two (doesnt have to be my wedding ring)
    Optional (pendant)
    Optional (an extra bracelet.. as i never take off my tennis bracelet)
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  9. Every day I wear:
    1. WG Love ring
    2. Trinity ring
    3. JUC ring
    4. Trinity cord bracelet
    5. Love cord bracelet
    6. 3 Thin Loves (RG, YG, & WG)
    7. Tiffany Aria earrings or VCA Alhambra earrings (Malachite)
    8. Tiffany pendant, Cartier Orchid pendant, or VCA pendant

    My bracelets and rings are the same every day. I switch it up with my pendant and earrings.
  10. :useless:
  11. 1. My wedding set
    2. RHR
    3. Pearl studs
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  13. I have been doing a lot of rotating but I always have a diamond stud in my cartilage piercing as well as in my second earlobe piercing 24/7. On a rare occasion I will put a diamond huggie in the cartilage. Except for my wedding rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets & rings I change out depending on what I wear & where I'm going.
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  14. IMG_5109.PNG IMG_5112.PNG IMG_5163.PNG IMG_2663.PNG 1. Diamond inside out hoops
    2. Diamond studs
    3. Diamond heart pendant
    4. Diamond e-ring with 2 Diamond bands
    5. Rolex DJ or 42 mm SS Apple Watch
    6. 2 silver pandora bracelets
  15. Diamond eternity wedding band (I've never taken it off)
    Engagement ring (because I can't get it off right now)
    Earrings, typically pearl studs or VCA
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