What is your everyday Jewelry/accessories?

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  1. My Jewelry collection is more extensive than my handbag collection. I have mostly all gold, but it seems that I always wear my tiffany bracelt and necklace. That is my mostly everyday wear.
  2. I usually wear a watch, 40cm gold cuff bracelet, tanzanite/diamond ring, cartier trinity ring, gold necklace with various charms. Other than that I dig stuff out of the collection for special events.
  3. The only piece of jewelry I wear on a daily basis is my gold cross. I barely even wear my wedding rings. Not a big jewelry gal. Also, I'm really hard on my hands, and if I wore my nice things, I'm apt to break them. :smile:
  4. I wear my anniversary band everyday and, usually, pearl earrings.
  5. My everyday jewelry is a Skagen watch with a bright green leather strap (so cute, puts me in a cheery mood!), white gold and diamond ring, white and yellow gold XOXO bracelet, anklet with white, rose and yellow gold hearts, all given to me by the bf. I also wear a white gold necklace with a circle-shaped charm with different rainbow-colored stones in it that my dad gave me, stainless steel 0 gauge eyelets in my ears and other SS jewelry in my other piercings.
  6. I only wear my wedding ring and a pair of earrings. I have two favorite pairs of earrings. One is a 1.2 cm mabe pearl with an approximately 2mm 18kt gold rim outlining it. The other pair is Tiffany's 18kt gold "Diana" hoops.

    I also have a couple of pair of John Hardy sterling earrings that I wear when I have a rare tan, and two old pairs of earrings that my mother wore when she was younger. One is malachite, rimmed with sterling from Tiffany. The other is turquoise and sterling made by native Americans.
  7. I love jewelry almost as much as I love bags. Although I switch it up a lot my staples are:
    Ebel Beluga watch
    David Yurman bracelet
    Chopard floating diamond heart ring
    bezel diamond stub earings
    Diamond cross pendant
    Chopard wedding band
    Diamond engagement ring
  8. I wear my promise ring ( a ring that remembers me of my covenant to God that i ownt have sex till i'm married) another silver ring and a big boho necklace... and a wooded bracelet of some kind. Today i wore a big white necklace with a very aztec design (it looked awesome w/ brown) i wear a lot of funky vintage stuff..
  9. I always wear my wedding band and engagment ring by Tiffany my Chanel watch or sometimes my Rado watch, I change my necklace and bracelet everyday.
  10. EVeryday I wear:
    My Tag watch
    My wedding ring
    My diamond and sapphire big 'ol band ring that DH gave me when I had the twins
    2 sets of diamond studs - one set was given to me by DH when I delivered my daughter
    and my diamond tennis bracelet

    Some of the jewelry sounds very cool, anyone up for showing us their bling? I'd LOVE to see some pics!
  11. LOVE IT! lol I always joked with my ex that after I had his kid, I'd want a big fat canary diamond. I mean, it's the least he could give me after I gave him a little human!
  12. Pearl studs is about it
    I recently lost a diamond and rosegold ring... I'm so sad!
  13. I wear little gold studs in my ears.

    I used to wear a gold tiffany floating heart pendent/necklace, but since the guy who gave it to me recently ended things, I'm going to put it away for awhile.

    ( or maybe I'll just enjoy it for being a pretty piece of jewlelry and forget about the sentemental aspect.)

  14. Either Cartier Tank Francais watch or Omega Seamaster w. diamonds, Bvlgari white gold Concentrica necklace (40th birthday pressie), antique diamond & emerald ring
  15. For everyday I wear a vintage rolex watch, my diamond engagement ring, and a diamond necklace that was a first year anniversary gift from my DH. V