What is your everyday Jewelry/accessories?

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  1. engagement ring, wedding band on left hand
    anniversary ring (5 stone band) on right hand
    cartier love cuff
  2. My 13mm white South Sea pearls
    Tag links watch
    Wedding ring
  3. Tiffany arrow, Tiffany Tahitian pearls or bead 8mm earrings, love bangle and Cartier bb watch. Evil eye bracelet and usually half eternity band from my grandfather
  4. I have become really boring with my jewellery: everyday staples are my 1.08 carat diamond studs and Cartier Love cuff in YG. I then add a necklace or ring(s) depending on my mood on what I am wearing but more often than not stick to just the studs and bangle. I thought about buying some bracelets to layer with the Love but don't know if I would wear them..
  5. Let's see your everyday bling!
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  6. My jewelry is pretty much changes everyday depending on what I am wearing. The only item that I wear everyday is my Cartier Love bracelet rose gold.
  7. I wear:
    • Diamond wedding ring
    • Green diamond eternity ring (both on same finger)
    • RG small diamond bezel/milgrain pendant
    • SS/WG Rolex Datejust
    When I remember I wear RG 4mm ball studs but the ones I have now are such poor quality I'm afraid to wear them :sad:

    It sounds like a lot now I've listed it out! Sometimes I throw on a longer SS necklace to layer with my RG pendant but the RG one stays on regardless.

    What about you?
  8. Wedding band and Gjenmi bezel-set single diamond necklace (it's a hassle to put on) are on 24/7. Every time I go out, I add my e-ring and my tulip ring. The rest is dependent on my mood.
  9. A thin, WG wedding band
    A YG engraved bracelet with my doggie's name and a short phrase in memory of my sweet girl. I've added a jump ring to shorten it and keep the bar on top. There's no removing it unless I want to tackle that job again!
    A RG pendant with my other doggie's initial, in memory of my giant baby and first dog. It's also the initial of my last name.

    I lost a stone in my wedding ring and will wear that daily, again, once I get it replaced. For now, I rotate through my RHRs and have a CZ for pretending.
    For Mother's Day, I've picked out a little necklace that I'll wear every day. There's a teensy diamond for each of my three kids.
  10. Weekdays- some sort of earrings, a ring (or two if want to, one in each hand), a yg chain with a small pendant (which I never take off), watch in left hand and some sort of bangle / bracelet in right.
    Weekends, if staying at home, only the chain pendant. If going out, pearls.
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  11. If I'm staying home, I usually don't wear any jewelry. When heading out, always my blue topaz wedding ring. Everything else depends on mood: watch, bracelet(s), other rings, earrings, necklace.
  12. 14 tcw TB
    4 eternity bangles...2 WG, 2 YG, 2 tcw each
    Pascal Lacroix diamond tension setting bangle
    Diamond bezel Cartier Roadster watch
    I have worn the TB and bangles everyday for 10 years...I switch off on the watches. Chanel white diamond bezel J12/Tag diamond bezel Formula 1.
    No rings anymore :crybaby:
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  13. Do you have a photo of your TB? Sounds dreamy
  14. After 3 upgrades...it is! :shocked:
    Cartier Roadster 2.JPG