What is the crown jewel of your collection?

  1. Overall, out of all my bags, I guess my Hermes Kelly would be the crown jewel, BUT...

    LV wise, I'd say it was my blue le Fab.... Its just GRAND.

    What is your "crown jewel"?? The one special bag you cherish?:flowers:
  2. i would have to say my Speedy 30 - it is my FIRST ever LV and its the only LV bag i own... i'll never forget the day i got it! :love:
  3. My new Saleya -- it's my first new LV and is currently the most expensive bag that I own. Plus it's gorgeous.
  4. Black le-tal.
  5. My black Le Fab, closely followed by Eye Love Retro, graffiti Alma MM, and another soon-to-arrive rare bag.:biggrin:
  6. my white Suhali L'Epanoui GM. it's the most expensive bag i own, and my mom bought it for me from Manhattan :love:.
    l'epanoui.JPG l'epanoui2.JPG
  7. Coltsfan, whatcha get??

    Yeauxonnettes, that bag is HOT!
  8. From my mom's collection probably her 4 Hermes Birkins, Louis Vuitton probably her Eye Love Retro and Cherry Blossoms Retro.:biggrin::flowers:
  9. hmm, I guess pricewise is my cerises speedy, but really, I feel like the crowning jewel is my black Epi Alma! It's just so classic and beautiful!
  10. My Vintage Toile/Black Box Kelly from the late 40's has to be my crown jewel.

    Otherwise, it's my Mother's 25-year old LV Speedy left to me - it'll always remind me of her!!!!
  11. Mine are Mizi Vienna, Le Fab and MC Fringe:love: (LVs)
    pict29588iq.jpg pict29848tu.jpg fringe2.JPG
  12. the crown jewel of my collection is my s/s 05 teal balenciaga city, the color is pretty rare. i don't really have an LV crown jewel, but my babylone tote is my most expensive LV and i do like it quite a bit :smile:
  13. I'll post pics when it arrives this week, but it's fabulous!:love:
  14. Black Le Fab or Monogram Mini gold-trimmed Theda GM.
  15. Here is a pic of my LV crown jewel (with the clochette heatstamped!)