What is Ponds Cold Cream for?

  1. Is it for removing make-up?:angel:
  2. that what I use it for. i love it because it's so non-irritating.
  3. I swear by this stuff- I use it in the AM and PM and find that no other combination of cleanser and moisturizer has worked so well for me. Since April of this year, I've been tissuing it off with a baby wipe and it works beautifully. It's a one-step cleaning ritual and it travels well, too. Plus, I don't have water running down my arms as I try to rinse the cleanser off!
  4. That's how my mom uses it too, and she has the most amazing skin ever!

    I have sensitive skin, but I need bubbles! That's why I use a Cetaphil bar instead of the kind in the bottle :biggrin:
  5. OMG that happens to me too and i HATE it! I'm just glad someone else has the same problems haha.

    This is a good thread, I've wondered the same thing. I'm gonna go buy a ton of products for my face (there is another thread about what age to start taking care of your skin) and now I will add cold cream to the list!
  6. I was listening to NPR the other day and they were talking about soaps and what makes dish soap diff from laundry detergent diff from shampoo, etc. I was very surprised to hear that they actually PUT IN agents to create the suds/bubbles and that they have no impact on actual cleaning! I was surprised because whenever I wash my hands I don't feel clean unless I worked up a good lather. Good trick by the companies to convince us of that!
  7. haha when i went to clinque today today to buy my foundation, a lady asked me if i wanted to set up a consultation and i would get a free lip gloss and this eye stuff. She showed me the stuff, and i am like i dont think i need the eye cream. She responded "well you dont really need to use it now since you are so young, but when you are 20 or so you should start applying to moisturize underneath your eyes" haha i laughed to myself because i am 24
  8. ^^ Oh snap I need to get into my regiment going asap!
  9. Funny I got the same thing from a persistent skincare lady. Thanked her and told her my age, 30+. She still didn't quit bugging me, kept asking what products I used!

    And yes Ponds Cold Cream is an excellent (stubborn) make-up remover, so gentle around the eyes.
  10. I use to use it for a make up remover. I just use regular Ponds for my face
  11. I only use it to remove the make-up on my eyes and in the eye area, because I dont want to use a harsh soap and scrub that part of skin in the eye area, its very delicate.
  12. It's sodium laureth sulfate and its actually a really harsh stripping chemical. http://www.natural-health-information-centre.com/sodium-laureth-sulfate.html
  13. ^ I've read this before, and I checked with my doctor and he really agreed...
    I've been using JASON, its a natural body wash that does not contain these chemicals.
  14. I used to use it as an eye makeup remover. My mom has been using it for over 30 years on her whole face and her face has literally NO wrinkles......I don't know if it is genetics or if it is the cold cream :nuts:
  15. ^ LOL I believe it! I know that non-sudsy cleansers do just as good a job, but I still need warm water and LOTS of bubbles to feel really clean!

    I was OBSESSED with Mr. Bubble when I was little. My mom used to tell me I could pick out a candy at the grocery store if I behaved and I would BEG for bubble bath instead, then proceed to use half the bottle for one bath :biggrin: