What is everyone picking up on Nov. 1st

  1. I know a lot of beautiful and exciting LV products are being released on Nov. 1st. At this moment I'm only waitlisted for a grey inclusion bracelet, but what I walk out of the store with on Nov. 1 is still up in the air after I see the new cruise line in person.

    I just wondered what everyone is planning on picking up on Nov. 1, or right after the release date?
  2. Tivoli PM. It's been on my avatar since (can you believe it?) August. The wait has been excruciating as this is THE bag that will render my collection complete for decades (well, maybe a few months...tee hee).
  3. The Tivoli and Palermo bags look great in photo's, I can't wait to see them in person!! I'll be at the Copley mall next month but I'm not buying anything until December. It's going on a year since I purchased my first LV bag from the boutique! Too long!
  4. Palermo PM and hopefully both the PM/GM grey inclusion bracelets. My Palermo is already at the store and I picked the one that I wanted (there were two to choose from), but I guess we'll have to see if the inclusion bracelets will be released on Nov. 1.
  5. I'm picking up a Thunder and the Marina PM in red. I think I may also have ordered a ronde in blue. The rubis new bucket isn't due out on the 1st (I hope -- my paycheck only goes so far).
  6. Natick is having a cocktail reception on th 8th and I am looking forward to seeing the new releases then, especially Tivoli pm.
  7. Oooh, I'm going to have to search for a picture of a Thunder and I love the shape of the Marina, I just want to see it in person first.
  8. the next time i'll be at LV is nov. 8 and hopefully picking up a tivoli along with my motard pochette. if tivoli isn't great then i'll pick up a cruise speedy in blue.
  9. Blue Cruise Speedy or Marina PM (can't decide, but leaning to the Speedy) and a red rond.
  10. Unfortunately I did enough damage in August and September, so I am on a ban. No new purchases for me until the spring. :sweatdrop: Well, at least that is the plan. But I can't wait to see pics of everyone else's buys.
  11. I wish I was picking something up! LOL! But all these purses sound really hot, and I can`t wait to drool over you purchases! Nov. 1st is not going to come fast enough! I am so excited for you guys!
  12. is the release date for the cruise line nov 1st in toronto as well?
  13. Well, maybe a grey inclusion if they're out.
  14. Nothing, I'm too poor at the moment to get anything. :crybaby:
  15. I would really like to see the cruise line. I don't think I will be getting anything but if I truly love the Marina PM, who knows... I kinda hope not, for my bank account's sake!