What is "creasing and bubbling" ??

  1. So I want to bid on a wallet on eBay right now and it looks in perfect, barely used condition except for one thing: the seller says that the inside of the coin compartment is showing "creasing and bubbling". I will include the picture from the auction. So, for the experts, what does this do, what caused it, can it affect the rest of the wallet, will it get worse with time, is it THAT big of a deal? I want ALL your possible opinions and knowledge, TIA!:smile:
    wallet coins.jpg
  2. WOW! I have never seen anything like that... I am not too sure what to say!
  3. ^^ lol me neither
  4. Bump....anyone???
  5. Hmm...maybe it's from water or heat damage? I don't think it's something easily repairable so I would pass.
  6. That def looks serious. Something better will come around for you, wait for another wallet.
  7. I wouldn't get it!!! That looks weird to me!
  8. that would really bother me. wait for another...
  9. ive had my lv wallet for 10 years and its gone through a lot of abuse but no sign of creasing and bubbling or something like that
  10. I think it is from high humidity.
  11. Hmm im on the fence on this wallet...the rest is perfect ...and instead of 580$ CAD it would cost me in the store here, it is 395$ CAD shipping included ....AHHH i dont know what to do its only in the coin pocket, which always gets dirty when i use it anyway and the rest is literally PERFECT .....any of the experts know EXACTLY what caused this? Actually I care more about whats going to happen to it lol
  12. Kind of off topic; I hate it when my threads get moved to ref. library (even though they belong there!) because less people go to this section, thus less people see the thread and answer lolll
  13. Does anyooooooone know what this is ?!
  14. Looks like humidity's the cause, can you pm me the link to the auction?
  15. Besides the 'creasing and bubbling', this interior doesn't look right to me. Has this wallet been authenticated here?