what is better in the long term??

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  1. when buying bags, do you buy for the "now" or the "long run"??

    What would be better then, a LV that i love or a bbag that i love? do you think LV holds its value better than bbags?? what about quality wise? the bbag i have is a bit old and it doesn't hold up all that well. peeling, etc. whereas, i think LV lasts longer.
  2. I sold all my LV bags to fund my Balenciagas. It is very addictive.
  3. If you're choosing between LV and bbags, I'd go for the bbag cause you know that LVs will always be there. And likewise, if I were choosing between two brands which are both limited, then I think I'd choose bags for now just cause you can always save up for more bags in the future :p
  4. It's really subjective.... I've learned here that something I might consider to be "trendy" is regarded as "classic" by others. I do think longevity of versatility is desirable when spending so much on a bag.
  5. I think unless you buy something you adore, it will be a false investment. I figure there is not much point buying a wonderful 'classic' unless I love it as it will sit classically doing nothing in my wardrobe while I get happy with short-term buys! Seriously, it's passion for me and then if faced with equal passion, I might start thinking more strategically but I am heart over head every time.
  6. p.s. having owned both Bbags and LV, I would go for LV if I was only thinking about duration, but both are great designs and impeccably made in my experience.
  7. This is my vote, too - I think LV has staying power, but BBags are gorgeous, though a little more "of the moment," right now. Buy what you like right now!
  8. LV bags are always here - BBags are beautiful. I think you chose what you are most comfortable with, and personally for me, I'd say that LV gives a certain statement, and the BBags give another statement. Neither is right, neither is wrong. I think in the long term - both bags will be still in vogue - depends really on whether you want 'classic' which I'd say was more LV or 'diva-esque' which I'd say was BBags! So decide which you are - the screen diva or the screen classic!

    Whatever your choice - be happy:drool:

  9. Couldn't agree more. :yes:

    Let's face it, buying a hideously expensive bag is never a totally rational decision.

    If we were completely rational beings, we would buy good quality, mid-range bags (i.e. functional bags that are not made in a sweatshop); not designer bags.

    Also, as I've said before - IMO, there is no such thing as a true classic, as everything goes in and out of fashion, to one extent or another.

    So, why not buy what you enjoy most? :shrugs: