What is available at NM

  1. Hi ladies

    Lisa Hamlin (248) 635-8442 just called from NM in Troy, Michigan to give me the update on their stock. This is what they have and can get:

    First ($995)
    Bleu Roi
    Camel (pre-order)
    Turquoise (pre-order)

    City ($1195)
    Sapin (green)

    Work ($1385)
    Blue Roi

    Some of these color descriptions I recognize, but as you know, NM has their own terminology for their colors. She said the leather on the new bags is incredible! IF you have any questions, call Lisa (248) 635-8442.

    She will also call me once they receive their Fall book to let me know what they will have in the new styles. Will keep you posted! Happy shopping everyone!:flowers:
  2. Does the NM at SCP carry Bbags? Any other stores in Anaheim that carry Bbags as well?
  3. I think you can order b-bags through any NM. Of course, it all depends on how good the SA is and if they are willing to call around to other stores. But I don't see why they wouldn't call- its still commission for them!
  4. Jag, do you know which turquoise? :rolleyes:
  5. OMG, no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, i want that bordeaux work, it's one of my dream bags (just put a call into lisa) :love:
  6. I didnt see the Rouge work in the list, does this mean NM doesn't order the Rouge in Work size? :sick:
  7. No b-bags at NM in Newport Beach or BH (and SAs are not typically great about finding them from other stores). In SoCal, b-bags are sold at Barneys BH, Maxfield LA, and Amarees in Newport Beach. As for NM in CA, you are better off to locate in San Diego or San Francisco.
  8. The SA in NM SF was very nice, however I forgot her name. She tried to locate a Rose first for me from other stores, and kept me updated on the status. However I ordered mine in BalNY at the end with no tax since I live in CA:biggrin:
  9. what color is truffle and sapin?
  10. Thanks socal:flowers: ... we're taking the kids to Disneyland next month and I was hoping there would be some stores nearby that would carry Bbags.
  11. okay, ladies, it was a false alarm for me, the bordeaux work is the thicker '06 leather (new for fall lisa told me) :sad: ...she said they're re-doing this color again, so i'm wondering, is it the oxblood (?)...anywho, she's sweet as pie & one of you needs to call & get that bag :yes:

    p.s. here's the color chart for truffle & sapin

  12. Sorry aaalabama! Glad you were able to talk to Lisa though!

    Chloe_Concord- As for the Rouge work- give lisa a call and let her know that is what you are looking for. If it comes in, or becomes available, then she will definitely be able to get it for you!

    buru- sorry, but I don't know what turquoise it is. You should definitely call Lisa and ask!!!
  13. thanks aaalbama :smile:


  14. Take a trip down to Newport Beach to Amaree's, it's only a 15-20 minute drive from Anaheim. Then head over to Fashion Island for some shopping and lunch.

    Have fun at Disneyland. PM me if you have any questions regarding the area, what to do, etc... I grew up in Anaheim and still live in the area.
  15. Jag, Thanks for the Lisa reference! I gave her a call...