What if the belt is too long?

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  1. I have a gorgeous purple miu miu belt, which is so long that I barely have chance to use it. So do you think it's a good idea to punch some holes to make it work on smaller waist? Should I do it on my own or bring it to a prefessional? Thank you in advance!:heart:
  2. I would see if a tailor or someone would be able to do that for you =) &&& b/c it might end up too long, what i would do is take one of those small clear hair ties to keep it in place. This maybe hard to understand: After to secure the belt, and the exess leather may sag, or not stay in place. Then, I would take a small clear hair tie, and put in on the belt, secure the belt with that =) lmk if you need me to explain it better =)
  3. Get a shoe repair person to put extra holes in or you could just pull it tight around your waist then tuck the long part under the part around your waist
  4. This always happens to me with belts! I punch extra holes in myself and I've never had a problem, but if your worried I'm sure a tailor or shoe repair guy could do it for you as mentioned above.
  5. what do you use to punch the holes?
  6. I do it myself. My husband is pretty handy and he has a leather punch, which is a small metal tool with a blunted tip that you strike with a mallet.

    If the leather is soft, you could probably do the same thing with a nail set (AKA nail punch), which you can buy at a hardware store for a couple of bucks.
  7. Thank you very much for all your suggestions, which are really really helpful! :tup:

  8. Yep, that is definitely the way to go, done this myself. Excellent advice:tup: