What food do you never tire of eating?

  1. Oh man those are HUGE!!!
  2. pasta

    and ice cream, I'd be happy with ice cream for every meal.
  3. Chipotle burritos, sushi, rice with soy sauce, Snickers candy bars
  4. Dill pickles... yummy..

  5. Totally agree!:yes:
  6. i would have to say chicken tikka masala and naan (indian dish... soo good), chipotle of any sort, and fettucini alfredo with grilled chicken :tup:
  7. Sushi~!
  8. Pepperoni Pizza - Shame on me!!!!:shame:
  9. Sushi! Unfortunately, now my mercury count is too high so I must abstain.
  10. Pizza
  11. potatoes in any form except raw.

    In my past life I was Irish.
  12. Sushi, chocolate, ice cream, and cakes. :biggrin:
  13. CHOCOLATE :heart::heart::heart: especially Pierre Marcolini! I could live on chocolate alone :love:
  14. I know it isn't a food, but I need to have salt at all times of I can't eat. I am one of those horribly rude people that salts before even tasting......
  15. Noodles! I had em for dinner tonight.