What food do you never tire of eating?

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  1. If you had to pick one type of cuisine or food you have to eat everyday for lunch and dinner, what will it be?

    Mine will be sushi
  2. dumplings/potstickers
  3. lol.. not for lunch and dinner but maybe b-fast/lunch or b-fast/dinner

  4. Pasta!
  5. Fried chicken :drool:.
  6. Pineapple or grapefruit..hehe..LOVE THEM!
  7. Sushi!
  8. chicken breast w/baked brown & wild rice
    chicken focaccia sandwiches
    veggie pizza!
  9. Does chocolate count? If not, then I would say pho. :drool:
  10. CEREAL:nuts:
    Especially Rice Crispies
  11. definitely sushi!

    I eat it several times a week.
  12. Me too, I could eat sushi every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In fact I would if only I could afford it. :heart::yes:
  13. another vote here for sushi!!!
  14. it's always something different

    but right now it hommus & pita chips from Trader Joe's.......the pita chips are in this light blue bag ~ sea salt.......

    the other day that was my breakfast :smile:
  15. french fries!!
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