What fits in a nano belt bag?

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  1. Hi all!
    I love small bags and was interested in getting a nano belt bag online. There's not a Celine store near me or anywhere that sells them so I thought I would ask you ladies!

    Could someone give me an idea on what fits inside a nano belt bag? There's nothing on YouTube and if there is it's in a different language.

    Thank you in advance!!!
  2. I just happen to be using mine today so here’s a pic of items inside and also shown outside. There’s still room in there for more, I had my thick gloves on top of those items earlier on ...


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  3. All the items inside the bag are quite full too
  4. Awesome to know!! Thank you for taking time to take pictures! You rock!
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  5. You’re welcome :hugs:

    I know this isn’t a what fits but I really liked this video for a size visual and strap length and I ended up with the same colour bag too ...

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  6. It literally fits everything you need. A wallet (even fits a true full size wallet if you wanted to use a big wallet), phone, keys, sunglasses, tissues, make up bag..
  7. Thank you that you like my Video
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  8. The video was SUPER helpful!!!
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  9. I loved it and did comment on it about our similar bags :smile:
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  10. Thinking about getting the belt but can’t decide between micro and nano. I also found @Nivahra 's video super helpful, so thank you for that! I'm interested to see if you end up getting the nano belt. Please share pics and your thoughts if you do! :smile:
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  11. Wow it really looks like it's the perfect size. That video is so helpful!
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  12. I have the micro belt bag and wish that I had gotten the nano! Do you carry much around with you? If not, I would suggest the nano size. I don't carry much (wallet, hand cream, compact, perfume rollerball, and a lip balm), so there is lots of room left over. The bag has started to cave in slightly because of that (at least, I think this is the reason) as there is no "support" for the bag and the grained leather is relatively soft and thin. I have only had it for 4.5 months and to be fair have used it almost daily, but it is something to consider!
  13. I actually ended up liking the micro and mini sizes better and am still deciding between the two. I think I’m leaning towards the mini actually. Something about the silhouette of the belt in the larger size appeals to me and I like the shorter strap. Thanks for your reply though! What color did you get? I planned on getting light taupe but now that I’m picking a larger size I’m not sure!
  14. I was torn between micro and nano. I wanted so much to like the nano that I tried it at least 10 times in the past few months. It is lighter then the micro. But every time I liked the micro much more. I just don’t like the look of the nano. I also think that the belt bag looks better in a larger size. So I got the micro in grey.
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  15. I have it in the light taupe color! It is really a stunning color. It leans warm but isn't too warm, and the antiqued gold hardware complements it perfectly. In different lights it also looks slightly different; on a gray day, it looks a bit darker/deeper, and on a sunny day, it looks summery and light.

    The color is also surprisingly easy to keep clean. I've found random marks on it (ink, something gray/whiteish) and a light rub with a paper towel and water was enough to get those off. I have had no issues with denim dye transfer on it, either, but I do tend to carry it on my arm rather than crossbody so that's less of an issue for me. However, the top handle is turning just a bit darker than the rest of the bag, which I think is because I wear hand/body creams and carry it by the handle often.
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