what does your pandora creation look like?

  1. Oh my word. You have got so many Pandora. Adimre them all. You are a lucky lady for sure!!!
  2. Humble not at all! They are all very dear actually! So beautiful, I like your 14k gold one especially!:smile:
  3. Thanks pandorarose:heart::ty::ty:
    awaiting sale on ruelala to get some more 14k charms.
  4. Me too! Lol Their sales are awesome

  5. Wow, you do have a lot. Most of them are bangles? I like the green one, so colourfull and happy!

    Pandorarose is right, this is not a humble collection! Wow, you have awesome charms there and they all look brandnew. You must be so happy with them. Did it take you a long time to collect this?
  6. you got a beautifull collection, i love it!

    it's funny beacause iM trying to have three bracelets, too, on silver, one two-tone and one with gold charm :smile: i love your gold one with the green murano :smile:
  7. Almost done! I need a couple more charms and i am finished. Some of the charms on here are just filling up space,.they will be going onto my other Pandora bracelet, i am just trying to get a feel for how many charms i want on here.

  8. Lovely! I'm debating an oxidized but ugh, I've spent too much money on jewelry this year already! lol

  9. It really looks great, your bracelet is unique, they all are but yours is really special. I love the oxi with the gold and the XL charm and a little sparkle. You have a little bit a everything on your bracelet without being messy.
  10. I've redone my lime bracelet to create a minimal look (6 charms on a Chamilia flex bangle), so I had several "leftover" charms as well as some smoky quartz and champagne colors that didn't really fit on other bracelets. I decided, what if I combine all these? Here is my lime and smoky color scheme. I have a peridot heart clip on its way I will add.
  11. i love the two-tone golden star, and i love the look of your oxidised bracelet
  12. and how do you like you safety chain, i was looking for that one may be for my silver one but i 'm not sure
  13. I had that safety chain and I liked that I could clip it on after my bracelet is assembled but I hate that it doesn't cover the threads and it's really bulky so it takes up valuable real estate lol
  14. ok thanks for your input, i will still think about it
  15. Very nice! Suits the season perfectly.